About SSPU
2015-11-19 15:01:41
Shanghai Polytechnic University (ShanghaiPoly. or SSPU) is a municipal general institutes of higher education, featured by engineering as its main discipline, with coordinated development of multi-disciplines including Economics, Management, Literature, Arts and Sciences. The university has adhered to act career-orientated higher education as school-running orientation and cultivated applied talents with high technology and high skill, who master vocational skills, advocate professional credit and manifest occupational characteristics. Featured with undergraduate education as the main discipline, the university has made proper layout for education of Professional postgraduate, develops high-level and international higher vocational education and construct multi-level modern vocational education system.

The university was founded in 1960. In the resent fifty years, the university has produced one characteristic development road of technology-oriented university from adult education in the first step to full-time higher vocational education,then to being upgraded to general undergraduate college and finally being listed to be “cultivation project of talents serving national special demand” of professional degree postgraduate test unit by Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council. During process of running university, the university has always adhered to socialismas the way of running a school and acted talent cultivation as basic task to cultivate more than one hundred thousand of all types of technology and applicationtalents, with representative of national model worker and excellent inventor-Bao Qifan and Li Bin et al. for Shanghai modernization construction and it obtains more significant school effectiveness and social effect.

Basic information

The university consists of main campus and some branch campuses, covering a total area of nearly eight hundred mu. Located at Jinhai Road of Pudong New District, main campus covers gross building area of nearly 300,000 square meters, where experimental and training centers cover an area of more than 40,000 square meters. The university implements two-level management system. There are 10 second-level teaching units, including College of Engineering (consists of School of Intelligent Manufacturing and Control Engineering, School of Computer and Information Engineering and School of Environmental and Materials Engineering), College of Arts and Sciences (consists of School of Sciences and School of Foreign Languages), School of Economics and Management, School of Applied Arts Design, College of International Vocational Education, School of International Exchange, Department of Physical Education, Engineering Training Center, Department of Ideology and Politics Education and School of Continuing Education. There are more than 12000 full-time students, including about 150 graduate students, more than 7000 further education students.


The university adheres to making discipline construction at leading position of university development and solidly promote discipline construction closely around economic and social development situation and industry transformation and upgrading of Shanghai according to strategy of developing advanced manufacturing industry and modern service industry as priority in Shanghai, scientific architecture and optimization of professional discipline system as well as basic policy of “paying equal attention to scientific research and teaching, scientific research back feeding teaching and integration of scientific research into teaching”. There are 6 disciplines including engineering, economics, management, literature, science and arts, and 20 categories of programs, 39 undergraduate programs, and 30 higher vocational education programs and 1 professional master degree awarded field (environmental engineering). The university pays attention to the commercialization of research findings and has established Seven Cubic University Science Park, Shanghai Collaborative Innovation Center for WEEE Recycling, Graphene Institute and Credit Research Center. The university is Shanghai Education Knowledge Service Test Unit, and is equipped with 3 knowledge services teams with electromechanical integration. The university is Shanghai Education Technology Transfer Test Unit, and establishes technology transfer workstation or industry-university-research cooperation workstation in Wuyi, Zhejiang and Taicang, Jiangsu.

Talent cultivation

The university carries forward fine tradition of industry-education integration and cooperation between school and enterprise, vigorously promotes plan revision of professional demonstration and talent cultivation and implements full credit system and academic tutorial system. “Mechanical engineering and automation” and “computer science and technology” professions are selected into excellent engineers’ education program of Ministry of Education. For “mechanical engineering”, “automation”, “mechatronic engineering” and “network engineering” professions, 2 professions are selected into municipal university application Bachelor pilot professions of Shanghai City. The university actively explores and innovates diversified talent cultivation mode through excellent engineer education cultivation plan, CDIO engineering education reform, Germany FH education mode localization practice pilot projects to enhance vocational adaptability and professional development ability of students. With “medium-to-high integration” and “integration of vocational school and applied undergraduate” cultivating mode as pilot project, through “integration” design, expand development channel of applied talent and strive to construct overpass of vocational education from form to connotation. In recent years, employment rate of graduate from the university has always kept in more than 97% and quality of graduates is fully accepted by employer.


The university vigorously implements strategy of “strengthening university by talents” and constructs a teaching team with high quality, strong skills, energy, proper structure and courage to bring forth new ideas by cultivating high-level faculty as center, academic leader and innovation team construction as key point and enhancing comprehensive quality and innovation ability of teachers as objective. It has more than 1000 faculty members, more than 640 full-time teaching staff with 300 professors and associate professors, 85% of whom have got Master or higher Degrees and 30% have the working experience in enterprises. Among teaching team, there are more than 60 staff who enjoy special allowance issued by the State Council and talent project and excellent titles, such as, “new-century supporting plan for excellent talents” from Ministry of Education, Shanghai “Orientalist”, “Youth Orientalist”, “Pujiang plan”, “dawn scholar”, “Chenguang scholar”, “sunshine project”, famous teacher in Shanghai universities, Shanghai model teacher, excellent teacher with Baosteel award, Shanghai excellent education worker, Shanghai talent cultivation award and Shanghai excellent youth teacher.

International exchange

Around university orientation and talent cultivation objective, the university vigorously implements international strategy. In recent years, the university has established broad cooperative relationship with many famous foreign enterprises, research institutes and institutions of higher learning and has long-term and stable communication and cooperation with more than 40 universities and companies in over twenty countries and regions, such as, America, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Australia, Japan, Korea, Hongkong and Taiwan. The university has introduced and integrated overseas education concepts, teaching experience and teaching resources, implemented multi-level, wide-ranging and all-dimensional international education communication and cooperation and gradually enhanced education internationalization degree and overall school-running level of the university through international cooperation in education, such aseducation programsfor oversea students, visiting foreign of teacher for learning, study abroad and internship programs,distinguished overseas experts programs,short-term exchange programs for students and teachers and academic exchange program as carrier, The university has some joint programs, such as Queensland College with Australian TAFE Queensland and Monita College with Hong Kong Monita International Group; SSPU has sponsored "Cross-Straits Conference on Higher Technical and Vocational Education" jointly with Beijing Union University, Shenzhen Polytechnic and Taipei University of Technology for consecutive 15 years and has made large influence on Cross-Straits vocational education field.

SSPU is “national advanced vocational education unit”,the member of “Chinese application technology university alliance”, “Shanghai industry-academy operative education association” and vice-president unit of “Shanghai association of vocational education”; “key construction base of national vocational education for teacher training”, “Shanghai vocational education teacher training base” “Shanghai ‘two-name engineering’ training base” and “Shanghai Sino-foreign cooperation professional teacher training base” of Ministry of Education; Charity Education Training Center of Shanghai Charity Foundation Since 2005, SSPU has been continuously awarded with honorary title, such as, “Shanghai Civilization Unit”, “national worker pioneer”, “Shanghai safety unit” and “Shanghai garden unit”.

Facing the future, SSPU will continue to carry forward excellent school-running tradition and school motto spirit of “improving student’s living condition, improving virtue of students and improving skills of students”,actively adapt to new requirements of national economy development,initiatively integrate upgrading of industry transformation and innovation-driven development, comprehensively enhance education quality,highlight ideological emancipation and philosophy leading, school-running orientation and demand orientation, features extraction and quality enhance and comprehensive reform of education and governing school by laws, and will strive for construction of high-level and multidisciplinary application technology university.