Talent Cultivation

Adhering to morality education, SSPU cultivates high-tech and high-skilled applied talents who grasp professional skills, advocate professional credit and manifest professional characteristics. The university is building and perfecting an all-staff, whole-process and all-direction cultivation system, and an education and teaching quality assurance system. It consistently promotes the education and teaching reform and connotation construction to guarantee the steady improvement of the quality of talent cultivation.

The university carries forward the tradition of “work-integrated learning and industry-university cooperation”, close to study, industry and employment. It strengthens demonstration of program construction and revision of talent cultivation plan, and carries out reform of complete credit system and academic tutorial system. The university explores and innovates a diversified talent cultivation model. By means of Excellent Engineer Education Training Program, CDIO Engineering education reform, practice of localization for German FH Education model and etc., students' career adaptability and career development ability are improved. Based on the pilot unit of linkage between secondary vocational and undergraduate education, and linkage between secondary and higher vocational education, through integrated design for cultivation plan, the university expands the development channels for applied talents, and makes great efforts to construct linkage and connection cultivation system for applied talents. In recent years, employment rate of graduates of SSPU always keeps above 97%, entrepreneurial capacity of graduates keeps improving and the quality of graduates is recognized by employers.

The university has 3 National Excellent Courses, 25 Shanghai Excellent Courses, 14 Municipal Teaching Teams of Shanghai Universities, 61 Key Courses of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, 2 Exemplary Courses in English of Shanghai Universities, 3 Quality Online Courses of Shanghai Universities, and 17 Key Undergraduate Teaching Reform Projects of Shanghai Universities.

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