In the recent 5 years, the students participated in more than 200 various competitions at provincial level or above and won over 2100 awards, including 334 national awards. More than 1,000 students joined college student innovation projects at municipal and university levels on average per year.

Teaching Staff
SSPU implements the strategy of “strengthening the university by talents”. Taking senior talent development as the center, construction of academic leaders and innovation teams as the key, improvement of teachers’ comprehensive qualities and innovative capacity as the goal, the university forms a teaching force with high qualities, strong skills, great vitality, reasonable structure and innovation abilities. It currently has nearly 1,100 faculty and staff including about 800 faculty members, among whom over 350 have senior professional titles, over 80% have master’s degree or above, and over 30% have enterprise practice experiences. In the faculty members, there are 2 teachers enjoying Special Allowance of the State Council, 1 selected into Project on Supporting Excellent Talents in New Century of Ministry of Education, 4 Specially-Appointed Professors (Oriental Scholars), 4 elected into Shanghai Pujiang Program, 5 Shanghai Shuguang Scholars, 4 Excellent Teachers in Shanghai Universities, and 2 Shanghai Model Teachers.


Research and Service
The university emphasizes research-driven teaching and applied research and development. The scientific research is oriented not only by demands of economic and social development, but also by the structure and direction of the university’s disciplines and programs. In the long-term practice, a strong research force has been formed, which has undertaken over 100 national and provincial projects, including National Natural Science Foundation, the 863 Program and etc., producing about 100 science and technology achievements. Research funds increase significantly. And the patents keep growing both in number and quality. 

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