Now the university is National Advanced Unit of Vocational Education, member of Association of Universities (Colleges) of Applied Sciences, and Vice Chair of Shanghai Association of Cooperative Education and Shanghai Association of Vocational Education. It is also Teacher Training Base of Tertiary Vocational Education of Ministry of Education, National Key Teacher Training Base of Tertiary Vocational Education, Shanghai Teacher Training Base of Tertiary Vocational Education, Training Base of Shanghai Double-Fame Project, Shanghai Teacher Training Base of Chinese-Foreign Cooperative Vocational Education, and Charity Education Training Center of Shanghai Municipal Charity Foundation. Since 2005, the university has been awarded the honor titles of Shanghai Civilized Unit, National Workers Pioneer, Shanghai Safety Unit, Shanghai Garden Unit and etc.

Today and in the future, the university will continue to carry forward its fine tradition and the university’s motto of “Living, Morality, Skill”, adapt to the new requirements of national and Shanghai economic and social development, and get involved into innovation-driven development and economic transformation and upgrading. The university will highlight ideological emancipation and  guidance, highlight the university’s orientation and demand orientation, highlight distinctive features and quality improvement, highlight comprehensive reform of education and administration by laws, and make great efforts to realize the objective of developing a high-level multi-disciplinary university of applied sciences. 

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