Vice President 

Xu Yufa holds a Doctor’s degree in Engineering, and is a professor and master supervisor. He is currently Vice President of Shanghai Polytechnic University, member of Chinese Electrotechnical Society, Vice Chairman of Electrical Engineering Professional Education Committee, member of Process Control Committee of Chinese Association of Automation, Vice Chairman of Small & Special Electrical Machines Committee of Shanghai Electrical Engineering Society, member of Shanghai Automation Society, and member of Application-oriented University Council of China Association for College Teaching. 

He has successively served as Vice President of Shanghai Electrical Machine College, President of Shanghai Industrial Electrical and Mechanical University, President of Shanghai Electromechanical Technical School and Vice President of Shanghai Dianji University. 

His main research field is intelligent algorithm and motor fault diagnosis. In recent years, he has presided over and participated in more than 20 scientific research projects of National Natural Science Foundation, Shanghai Natural Science Foundation, and etc. He has been awarded one third prize of Shanghai Award for Scientific and Technological Achievements, two second prizes and one third prize of Shanghai Award for Teaching Achievements, applied for 2 national patents for invention and patents for utility models, published three books and more than 20 research papers, 12 of which are included by SCI and EI. He has been awarded the honorary titles such as Outstanding Young Teacher of Shanghai and Shanghai Yucai Award.