School of Continuing Education
2017-05-15 10:52:30

Shanghai Polytechnic University continuing education enjoys great prestige in Shanghai. For more than 50 years, it cultivates a large number of science talents and administration staffs with the representatives such as “king of grab bucket”-Bao Qifan, “Shanghai inventor”-Yu Hong, national model worker-Li Bin etc for the country and society. The school is praised as “A Red Flag of National Work-Study Program”, “Pacesetter of Adult Education Battle Line” by the Party and state leaders. In July 2002, school established the School of Adult and Continuing Education which mainly undertakes different works of diploma and non-diploma education for adult. The school has 7000㎡of construction area, 3 plant rooms and more than 200 computers currently. Also, the school sets different teaching points inside school and outside school.


In the aspect of adult higher academic education, school cultivates all kinds of talents by multidisciplinary, multilevel and multiform training. Also school has opened more than 40 undergraduate majors and specialty majors, involving in science and engineering, liberal arts, arts and language. In recent years, the number of enrolment students is increasing year by year, the number of enrolment scale is around 2300 and the number of students at school has reached to more than 70000 at present. The school takes in students such as national model worker-Tang Jianping etc and forms class of model worker successfully. At the same time, school stresses on strengthening the operational ability and the social competitiveness, and it tries out the teaching model of “degree + certificate”. School has been evaluated as the advanced unit of adult education by Ministry of Education. In 2004, school was evaluated as the national advanced unit of adult education by China Adult Education Association.