Shanghai Summer School 2018


Shanghai Summer School 2018 (Chinese Culinary Culture Program) is a four-week program offered by Shanghai Polytechnic University between June 18 and July 15 in 2018. In this program, through experiencing diverse Chinese culinary cultures, students will understand the diversity of China’s environments and cultures, and appreciate China’s representative regional customs and etiquettes.


This program provides scholarships for 20 students and other students will pay tuition fees by themselves, all the application will be accepted by the Shanghai Polytechnic University enrollment and audit admission.


As long as you love Chinese language and Chinese food, you are welcome to join us.


Program Content


(1) Systematic Chinese language study, you’ll be led to the wonderful world of Chinese by the experienced Chinese language teacher.


(2) Rich and varied culinary culture knowledge, perceive the charm of the Chinese Culinary culture.


(3) Culinary skills, the first class chefs with years of experience in cooking to be your personal guidance.


(4) Chinese Hotel Management, the most famous hotel in Shanghai will open a new vision for you about the hotel management.


A Variety of Practical Activities


Besides studying Chinese language, you’ll also have the chance to visit Shanghai Hengshan Group and InterContinental Hotels Group, practice cooking skills at Shanghai Cookery Training Center, and have face to face interviews with first class chefs and well known nutrition experts.


Program Results


(1) You will learn the basic Chinese cooking recipes and methods including ingredients cutting and preparation.


(2) At the end of the program, you will be familiar with at least one Chinese Cuisine and cook a few dishes in this Cuisine independently.


(3) After completing the program, you will be awarded a training certificate jointly by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Shanghai Polytechnic University, Shanghai Restaurants Cuisine Association and Shanghai Cookery Training Center.


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