After optimized layout and adjustment by the school in June, 2014, College of Engineering is formed by combining School of Mechatronic Engineering, School of Engineering of Electronic and Electric, College of Computer and Information and College of Urban Construction and Environmental Engineering. The history of running school can be traced back to 1960s and each period after 1960s. The student department begun to recruit adult undergraduate students from 1979, recruit full-time higher vocational college students in 1997 and recruit full-time undergraduate in 2004. There are over 5300 full-time undergraduate students, over 100 engineering masters and two overseas students at present. College of Engineering insists to carrying forward the school motto of paying attention to students, morality and technology as well as the education policy of people first as well as morality and technology. Conduct resource sharing and characteristic first, press close to school work, industry and employment, rigorous scholarship, industry-academy cooperation, and gradually form the school running concept oriented by market demands, based on scientific management, ensured by teaching quality, developed by school running features to culture multi-level knowledge high-skill engineering technology application international talent. It is the propeller of the school to hold the career-oriented higher education. The graduate employment rate is above 95% for many years.


College of Engineering has over 260 teaching staff, 11 professors, 74 vice processors, 11 senior engineers, 16 part-time research supervisors, four foreign famous teachers, one person of Thousand Talents Program, three special term professors of Shanghai colleges (orientalist), one obtainer of orientalist following plan, one outstanding talent of Ministry of Education, three dawn scholars, two Pujiang scholars, six Jinqiao special term professor and ten down scholars and sailing scholars, etc.


College of Engineering is led by construction of discipline and profession to set School of Intelligent Manufacturing and Control Engineering, School of Computer and Information Engineering, School of Environmental and Materials Engineering and engineering foundation teaching department, eight departments of mechanical engineering, automation and electromechanical engineering, communication and information project, computer application project, software engineering, industry engineering environment engineering and material engineering, 21 undergraduate majors and one major of Master of Engineering. Develop multiple talent models of CDIO, outstanding engineer plan, German FH model, subject major, and carry out practical exploration and promotion. There is one comprehensive reform experimental unit major of undergraduate major from Ministry of Education, one special major of Ministry of Education, two education training planed majors of outstanding engineers of Ministry of Education, five education high lands of Shanghai and eight key construction majors of 085 project of Shanghai connotation construction. Own first-class modern experimental training field and technique equipment, in which, advanced manufacturing technologies, such as modern numerical control processing technology, flexible manufacturing technology, modern die manufacturing technology, data communication technology, equipment state monitoring state, network DNC technology and manufacturing execution management technology and so on are collected in digital manufacturing engineering center. Own special laboratories, such as electronic waste treatment, function material, new energy material, nano-meter material and device, environment friendly technology, environment-protection equipment, environmental microbiology, and it must have complete teaching and scientific research condition.


College of Engineering develops the industry-academy cooperation actively to run school. Talent culturing system of government, industry, school, student, parents and full society must be set up. The external teaching base and system innovation of 7 technical park are explored to seek more enterprise cooperation relation based on project education target requirement. The vast external project practice base and platform construction is carried out. The graduation design and employment of teacher and student learning are expanded according to the combined development project. Invite the engineering technicians of the enterprise to walk in the classroom, formulate the culturing scheme, and introduce the project into the teaching materials and culture complex talent with crossed subjects and sharing resource.


College of Engineering expands the international school running actively. The domestic advanced education concept, teaching resource and school running experience are introduced and intergraded by international cooperation school running and industry-academy cooperation path. The school running model is innovated. The international talent facing to the world with international awareness, international view and comprehensive quality is trained. At present, College of Engineering has set up friend cooperation exchange relation with Germany, Finland, Sweden, Australia and Taiwan. Chance of international learning exchange is provided to the students. Wide learning space and platform are built, so that the students can learn and get a job in high-level and wider field to create colorful life.


The subject majors of College of Engineering has vivid construction feature by adjusting, optimizing and arranging the school organization. The subject layout is complete, and the subject structure is further optimized. College of Engineering shall strive for solidifying and improving advantage subject and feature majors in quantity and quality to culture a batch of new subjects and feature majors with influence. The subject and major with vivid feature are formed, and the ability of college to serve society is increased. The structure of teacher team is optimized. Part-time teacher team composed of domestic and overseas famous experts and scholars, industry and enterprise experts and management backbone is cultured. The subject cross and university-enterprise cooperation are promoted. The capacity for scientific research of the teacher and achievement transformation ability are increased. Smooth flyover is built to the student development based on the new subject professional certificate. New credit system is carried out. Major and standard system integrated with secondary vocational school, higher vocational education, undergraduate course, postgraduate education and lifelong education are explored, so that the students firmly establish the thought of professional spirit, professional credit and vocational feature. The talent culturing quality is improved. The scale of undergraduate education is stabilized, the features of undergraduate education is innovated. Special postgraduate education is rationally arranged and expanded. Insist to the target of culturing the engineering talent with double skills, spirit of model workers and international vision. The wisdoms and strengths of all teachers are contributed in the transformation development of local university so as to build the school to an indispensable, irreplaceable application technology university.