In July 2014, whereas the layout optimization and adjustment of SSPU, College of Arts and Sciences was founded. It includes School of Foreign Languages, School of Science, Faculty of Public Relations, and General Education Research Centre.

Centering on building SSPU into a vocation-oriented higher education institution, College of Arts and Sciences aims at talent cultivation and the promotion of general education’s implementation and public basic course reform, thus laying a solid foundation for the improvement of students’ comprehensive quality and cultivation of professionalism, and further improving the comprehensive quality of students.

At present, College of Arts and Sciences offers four undergraduate programs (English, Japanese, applied statistics and public relations) and builds two school-level key disciplines (applied mathematics, foreign languages and literature).

College of Arts and Sciences now has a total of 148 faculty members, of which 135 full-time teachers, teachers with senior titles up to 40% and with a graduate degree more than 80%.

College of Arts and Sciences brings together a group of outstanding teachers with high academic attainments and teaching standards.

In recent years, many teachers have obtained national scientific research projects (Natural Science Foundation of China, Natural Science Youth Foundation of China, Tian Yuan Special Foundation, etc), provincial scientific research projects (Natural Science Foundation of Shanghai,etc)

We have obtained multiple key undergraduate teaching reform research projects of Shanghai. Several courses are funded by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, a batch of teaching reform achievements are awarded university teaching achievement prize at all levels. According to different professional characteristics and market demands, College of Arts and Sciences carries on reforms to professional courses, and strives to cultivate students into multi-disciplinary talents in relevant fields. By doing this, students will be more competitive in the job markets and will be offered more opportunities.

The college exchanges widely with several universities such as University of Missouri - Kansas City, Kwassui Women's College, J.F.Oberlin University, Queensland University of Technology, etc. Over100 students are selected to study abroad and expand their horizons each year. Through our teaching guidance, students who are deeply influenced by the scientific spirit and humanistic quality will lay the right way of thinking, expand a broad international perspective, enhance the overall and be more innovative.