School of Economics and Management owns 85 teaching staff, including 63 full-time teachers, 23 teachers with doctorate, 38 teachers with advanced title (seven processors and 31 vice processors), accounting for 44.7%, 38 teachers with medium title (34 lecturers, and four others), accounting for 44.7%, nine teachers with initial titles, accounting for 10.6%.


The school has four departments and eight majors, namely, credit economy department including credit management major and investment major, department of business administration including international business and financial management, department of tourist management including major of convention-exhibition economy and administration and hotel management major, and management science and engineering department including logistics management major and e-commerce major. The college owns four subjects, namely, finance, practical economics, management and engineering and tourist management.


International business is the unique teaching planning major with English teaching in all international business majors in Shanghai. Meanwhile, it is the school major. Logistics management is ranked as undergraduate education construction major of Shanghai College, meanwhile, it is 085 key major and national special major in Shanghai. Credit management major is ranked as 5-star major by the third party. The major is the unique five-star major of our school. The core course of finance management adopts qualifying examination material for certified public accountant. The experimental training course pays attention to the practice ability culturing. The major of convention-exhibition economy and administration and e-commerce major are ranked as the school key majors. The hotel management major is the school application CDIO pilot major, and it owns first-class practice condition.


The mission of the school is to culture the subject complex talent with engineering background. It pays attention to the ability culturing of vocational skills, professional credit and vocational feature. The College is cooperated with Sinotrans & CSC Holdings Co., Ltd. to build Sinotrans International Logistics College of Shanghai Polytechnic University and set up chemical logistics engineering experiment center. Wisdom logistics talent is cultured by Taiwan Chienkuo Technology University, Bolian Information Technology Co., Ltd. and the College. Talent Culturing College of InterContinental Hotel Group is built by InterContinental Hotel Group, the leader of global hotel industry. The credit engineering research center is built by cooperating with Dalong International Credit Rating Co., Ltd. The model of co-running school with the enterprise is innovated to form the education features of facing to the society, university-industry cooperation and production-study linkage.


The school pays attention to the link and cooperation of industry and association. It is the vice chairman unit of national credit education alliance. As the director of China exhibition economy industry association and Shanghai exhibition industry association, the school has been ranked as the excellent unit of China exhibition education for four years.


The school owns four subjects, namely, finance, investment, management and engineering and tourist management.