School of Applied Arts and Design was set up in 2007 and owns 46 teaching staff and 35 professional teachers. Advanced title accounts for 40% and medium title accounts for 46%. The school has four departments of visual communication design, environment design, product design and industry design. Major of digital media art was increased in 2015 (it begun to recruit students from September, 2015).


The school aims at culturing high-skill and application design talent and pays more attention to culturing modern design concept, method and practice ability of the students during the teaching. At present, the school owns four experiment fields, including modeling plant, shooting plant, pottery plant and glass plant as well as special practice fields, including independent professional classroom, professional studio, input/output center, professional data room, special machine room, modern design center and so on to ensure the training demands of the students in application art design college and lay solid foundation for culturing the application talent. In addition, the school shall design professional education and other majors as well as serve society according to the existing teaching facility (the school has Chinese culture creation experience center for overseas students and lifelong learning- pottery experience base for Shanghai citizens).


In recent years, School of Applied Arts and Design has obtained abundant achievements under the joint effort of all teachers. Many prizes have been obtained in the activities of discipline construction, course construction, patent invention, application undergraduate ability match for young teachers and domestic and overseas design matches, etc.


Our main features of major teaching in our school are to pay attention to culturing the application ability. During the implementation of teaching concept, the design creation ability of the student is well embodied. Great achievements have been obtained in each typical match, such as national undergraduate advertising art match, Chinese package creation match, national industrial design innovation match, etc. During the process of developing the after-class social practice, the school has organized the students to take part in the social practice for two years. The theme activity of beautiful Shanghai under the brush has been reported by many Medias. The project has awarded the excellence award of Shanghai undergraduate social practice of 6th knowing and doing cup. The tutor is rated as the excellent teacher prize of Shanghai undergraduate social practice activity in summer vacation time in 2014.