In order to continue the traditional education features of Shanghai Polytechnic University, solidify the leading position of higher vocational education, promote the construction of Shanghai modern vocational education system actively and implement the school-running orientation of school vocational guidance higher education, College of International Vocational Education of Shanghai Polytechnic University was set up in July, 2014. The school aims at creating high-level, diversification and internationalization, actively explores training mode with multiple school systems, insists to walking the development road of international cooperation, industry-education integration, coalition of college and enterprise, learns the advanced vocational education model in Germany, Sweden, America, Australia and Taiwan, strengthens the communication and cooperation of international professional education, pays close attention to the joint of talent training and modern industrial system and trains the skilled talents with vocational skills, professional credit, vocational feature and international vision.

College of International Vocational Education has 21 majors, including mechanical and electrical majors, such as numerical control technique (Germany IHK model), die design and manufacturing, communication technology, computer application technology, financial majors, such as finance and insurance, politics of the firm and the like, cooperation majors of Shanghai and Hong Kong, such as application of English, international business, hotel management, exhibition planning and management, major of China and Austria’s cooperation in running schools (Queensland College of Sino-foreign cooperative educational institutions), computer networking technology, logistics management, major of China and America’s cooperation in running schools, figure design, and some special majors joining Shanghai economical development demands.

The college owns the teaching staff with rational structure, including 96 staff, 3 processors, 22senior vice titles and 51 medium-grade professional titles. The full-time and part-time teachers of the college have abundant industrial experience, title above lecturer or master. Well foundation is provided to the college to develop Sino-foreign cooperative education, carry out bilingual education and develop co-operative education. In addition, 14 senior teachers with abundant overseas experience come to the college to teach in each year. The teaching course comprises English and foreign professional course, so that the students can experience the essence of overseas higher vocational education. Opportunities and conveniences are provided for communication of Chinese and overseas teachers to explore the higher vocational education and teaching method suitable for China‘s national condition.

The college has set up long-term friendly cooperation with some famous enterprises, such as Shanghai Hengshan (Group) Company. The two parties have the cooperation with abundant performance in the fields of formulating and implementing talents training objectives, practice of students, skilled training and employment of graduates, etc. Character design extends to the professional school-running level according to the specific demands of large enterprises of the industry, and directed education has been signed with Decleor group. The college has signed cooperation agreement with Shanghai Exhibition Industry Association, Shanghai Foreign Trade and Economies Company and so on to develop the co-operative education deeply and train high quality skill type talent. The professional application ability and technical development ability of the students can be improved by taking part in university-industry cooperation project, training and examination of advanced certificate of each kind of human resource department, such as senior hairdresser, senior optometrist, die designer, digital control miller, mechanical product inspector, secretary and so on. The quality and skill can be improved during the practice.

Queensland College

Queensland College was established under an education cooperation agreement between Shanghai Municipal Government and Queensland Government, Australia, in 1999. Queensland College has nearly 700 registered students from International Business, Business English, Event Planning and Management, Hospitality Management and Computer Application Technology. Leveraging Australia’s TAFE education system, Queensland College has established a professional curriculum that is skill based and oriented towards industry demands. Students are trained based on progressive bilingual education, in professional and business skills, as well as comprehensive English communication skills. Queensland College received the Sino-foreign educational cooperation program certification by CEAIE and Shanghai Educational Assessment Association, in September 2009. Queensland College again passed the Ministry of Education’s appraisal in November 2010, and was highly praised by Shanghai Sino-foreign model cooperative educational institutions for their project activities, developed by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission in February, 2012.


Monita College

Monita College was established as a joint-venture between Shanghai Polytechnic University and Hong Kong Monita International Group, in 2004. It is the first regular college to train professional talents in higher education in ‘Personal Image Design’. Ms. Zheng Mingming, the Chairman of Hong Kong Monita International Group, is the Dean of the College. The College has introduced internationally advanced technology and standards to create the leading personal image design and hairdressing talent training in China. Shanghai can become an international hub renowned for world-class personal image design and hairdressing educational training. The College features top-notch operations, management, and professional technical service talents, with the aim to cultivate high-class talents who possess basic theoretical knowledge of personal image design, related operational skills and practical knowledge, higher cultural literacy and etiquette, team spirit, professional English communication skills, as well as the ability to work in personal image design, beauty care and cosmetics marketing. The College has ample training facilities and infrastructure, such as a comprehensive beauty training room, hairdressing training room, makeup training room, apparel training room, simulated beauty salon, SPA body aesthetics room, etc. Students are highly motivated to improve skills, enhance their knowledge and train better. In recent years, both faculty members and students have won several awards at the Asia Cup for hairdressing and makeup, national hairdressing, beauty and nail care tournaments. The College’s faculty was rated as one of Shanghai’s most excellent teaching teams in 2011. Monita College has won over 20 awards in national and international beauty industry contests, including Gold, Silver and Grand Champion awards at the Asia Cup for Makeup, and has won awards at Shanghai hairdressing, beauty and nail care tournaments. The College has also won industry contests in Asia.


Sino-US Education Cooperation Program

In 2014, Shanghai Polytechnic University and Broward College signed an MOU to develop Computer Networking Technology and Logistics Management programs. This Sino-US Education Cooperation Program was approved by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission in 2015, and student enrollment commenced in September, 2015.

The Computer Networking Technology program under the Sino-US Education Cooperation Program, introduces the most advanced industry curriculum. The program utilizes high-quality and innovative education resources from the US. It helps students gain an international perspective, and relevant professional and job-related skills in website development and maintenance, network application programming, and large network implementation and management.

The Logistics Management program under the Sino-US Education Cooperation Program, introduces the most advanced industry curriculum from the US. The program utilizes high-quality and innovative education resources. It helps students gain an international perspective, and relevant professional and job-related skills in logistics management, operation optimization and market development, and serves frontline logistics market development in China, by developing highly-skilled logistics industry talents.

The students can also join the exchange program and study in the US, by choosing the appropriate bachelor courses of related majors following the 2+2 system at Broward College or other universities in the US. After completing all credits, students can obtain a Bachelor’s degree.

German IHK model

Major of numerical control technique belongs to ZM numerical control and cutting mechanician of German IHK model. The training model and training scheme are designed according to excellent vocational education resources of Shanghai Polytechnic University and German vocational training system, based on machine tool NC technology of Boutique major of Ministry of Education, referring to dual-system vocational training model in German and course and assessment requirement of professional certificate of cutting mechanician of DIHK. Complete education transformation is carried out. The education concept, training plan, education method, education technique, certificate and quality management system and college-enterprise cooperation model is introduced. The basic skills needed by machining field are trained to use each kind of common and digital control production equipment to finish the task, and the students can solve the processing problems in the actual production. They have trans-culture communication and cooperation ability, basic self-learning ability and skill expanding ability.