Adhering to the service and education principle of "Student-oriented and Service Paramount",Student Affairs Centre has made a breakthrough in the aspects of student affairs handling, consulting service,career development,academic support,honesty education, student funding, etc.In the overall reform and development of the university, the Centre has broken through the limitation and concept of the previous work, centred closely on serving students and based on educating students by service. At present, all the 30 staff in Student Affairs Centre are students, most of whom are from financially disadvantaged families.The Centre deals with 16 items of business including campus card reissue, student ID card service,transcript printing,student certificates, train ticket card reissue, employment agreement registration,scholarship certificate making, part-time job application, student activity venue booking, address changing for student archives,winter welfareapplication and issue, stay registration for winter and summer vacations, medical insurance claim materials acceptance, etc. The service time covers the whole year except official holidays. The Centre serves 1,200 students or so a month on average and has basically realized the standard of one-stop service. To a certain extent, it facilitates the students on campus and the service efficiency is improved significantly.In the past two years, the Centre has explored and built a path for students' self-service and self-management, adding a highlight for the construction of campus culture.