Article 1. SSPU provides international student dormitories on campus, managed by the ISAO and the SSPU logistics company. Students shall sign the Housing Agreement before moving in and abide by the following rules and regulations.

  Article 2. Students should observe the rules for receiving a visitor and security management rules. Visitors must register to the ISAO and the janitor and comply with the corresponding visitor receiving regulations.

  Article 3. Students may not swap rooms, change the layout of the room or breach the rules of receiving a visitor and work and rest schedule. Students may not put up any visitors in the dorm. If they put up visitors without permission and cause other studentsor the schools property damage, personal injury, they will be liable for the damages or have legal liability. For a severe breach of the rules they may be disqualified as a student.

  Article 4. Students pay their accommodation and utility fees and other expenses timely. The dormitory administration has the right to refuse to offer accommodation to those who fail to pay the fees within the time limit. They may be sued for a large amount of overdue payment.

  Article 5. Take good care of the public property of the school, properly use the dormitory building and the water and electricity facilities in the dormitory, doors and windows, glass, furniture and other facilities and equipment. Keep the dorm clean. Do not pile up anything in front of the dormitory door. Do not put up posters or any kinds of promotional materials. Do not make noise or play music. Do not have party or disturb your neighbors. Pay attention to dormitory security, shut doors and windows when you go out, and report to the ISAO in advance when you leave for an extended period of time.

  Article 6. Protect the environment and jointly create a civilized, neat and orderly accommodation environment. Respect and cherish the work of your peer students and the staff. Keep the corridor "trash-less" always. Please put the trash to the bin and the hazardous waste into the designated storage place. Protect the greens around the dormitory.

  Article 7. Beware of fire and electrical safety hazards. Burning items, adding electrical wires or using unauthorized electrical appliances are prohibited in the dormitory. Whoever violates the regulations will be subject to severe punishment and pay for all the economic losses or even be prosecuted for one's criminal liability by the judicial departments.

  Article 8. Beware of theft and mind your personal items. You may not lend the bedroom key (card) to others, change or add locks to the door. After losing the key (card), you should report it to the ISAO in time, and the dormitory management department may change the door lock.          

  Article 9. Pornographic activities, gambling, drug using, pyramid selling or doing business and other illegal activities are prohibited in the dormitories. You may not have any form of religious activities. If there are serious violations involving pornographic activities, gambling, drug using and other illegal activities, the school will report to the public security offices.

  Article 10. In case of a fire you should call the fire brigade or evacuate immediately. In case of a crime or a breach of public order you should protect the scene and report to the Department of Security and Dormitory management departments immediately and assist them if needed.

  Article 11. The school may inform the students of the adjustment of the dormitories arrangement one week in advance generally. Studentscooperation is required and much appreciated.

  Article 12. Inspection system applies to the campus accommodation. The Dormitory management personnel regularly or irregularly inspect the dormitories to maintain the public order of the dormitory, guarantee the good condition of the dormitory communal facilities. Dormitory inspection is generally conducted in the presence of the students. Studentscooperation is required and much appreciated.

  Article 13. The infectious disease declaration system applies to the campus accommodation. Anyone suffering from infectious diseases listed in the People's Republic of China on Communicable Disease Prevention and Control Act shall report to the ISAO. Students who find possible infected people in the dormitory should report promptly. Infectious disease patients, pathogenic carriers and possible infected people should take the medical advice of the school clinic and actively cooperate with the accommodation adjustment and arrangements before recovery or exclusion of  infectious diseases possibility.

  Article 14. Students should go to the ISAO to check out of the dormitories.

  Article 15. Students who have checked out of the dormitories should move out within 3 days and return the room keys (cards). If they do not move out or check out within the time limit without particular reasons, it shall be deemed to be a breach of contract and will be forced to move out in accordance with the relevant regulations of the school.

  Article 16. The emergency involving the foreign students is handled according to the Shanghai Polytechnic University International Student Contingency Plan for Emergency.

  Article 17. The students enrolled should apply if they need to stay off campus according to the Shanghai Polytechnic University International Student Off Campus Accommodation Rules and Regulations.