Article1. International students who choose to live off campus shall submit a signed application to the ISAO in writing in accordance with the provisions of the Public Security Offices and the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau.          

  Article 2. Off campus accommodation registration:          

  1. Submit the "Shanghai Polytechnic University International Students Off Campus Accommodation Application Form" to the ISAO.

  2. Apply for the "Registration Form of Temporary Residence for Visitors" within 24 hours with your passport and other valid identity documents at the local police station.

  3. Submit the "Registration Form of Temporary Residence for Visitors" to the ISAO and provide your residence address, the mobile phone number of the landlord and your own mobile phone number.          

  Article 3.  International students who live off campus shall abide by the laws and regulations of China strictly, and shall not engage in pornographic activities, gambling, drug using or other acts endangering China's national security or in violation of the laws and regulations of China. No religious activities are allowed at your residence.

  Article 4. International students who live off campus shall pay attention to their personal and property safety. Do not use unsafe electrical appliances. Drive safely. Report it to security guards or public security departments if there is a suspicious persons or an emergency.

  Article 5. International students who live off campus shall ask for a leave of absence to their colleges/schools and the ISAO if they are unable to come to school to participate in teaching activities in accordance with the relevant provisions of SSPU International Students Registration Policies.        

  Article 6.  The colleges/schools and the ISAO together with the public security departments may visit students living off campus out of safety concerns irregularly. Studentscooperation is required and much appreciated.          

  Article 7.  Students living off campus shall immediately report to the public security departments, the relevant personnel of the colleges and the ISAO in case of an emergency.