Track and field, indoor badminton courts, indoor table tennis hall, outdoor football field and gymnasium are free of charge. The indoor swimming pool is charged for the time used.          

  Opening Hours          

  (1) ten indoor badminton courts:          

  Monday to Friday, 16:00-20:00  open when there is no athletic training and teaching assignments.          

  (2) one gym:          

  Monday to Friday, 17:00-19:30 (except dragon boat team and bodybuilding club training session)          

  (3) one indoor table tennis hall ( 26 tables):          

  Open except teaching hours          

  (4) outdoor football field, ten outdoor standard basketball courts and 5 standard indoor tennis courts:          

  Open except teaching hours          

  (5) indoor swimming pool;          

  Monday to Friday 7:00-18:00, Saturday and Sunday 9:00-17:00. RMB 15 yuan each time, RMB 500 yuan for six months.          

  Monday to Friday 9:00-17:00 during winter and summer holidays.