In accordance with the Administrative Measures for the Enrollment and Cultivation of International Students by Schools jointly issued by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Public Security, all international students are required to purchase the medical insurance designated by the university in order to meet the insurance coverage requirement by the Ministry of Education. International students, who do not purchase the required medical insurance, shall not be admitted by the university. If these students are currently studying at the university, they shall be suspended or not allowed to register.


Comprehensive Insurance & Protection Scheme for Foreigners Staying in China of Ping An Annuity Insurance Company, Ltd.




  Insurance Liabilities

  Insurance Amount (Yuan) RMB

  Age 6-69 (International Student)

  Insurance Premium  (Yuan per half a year per person)

  Insurance Premium (Yuan per year per person)

  Liability for Death or Accidental Disability




  Medical Treatment for Accidental Injury


  Medical Treatment for Outpatient and Emergency (With the daily limit of RMB 600, beyond the start to pay limit of RMB 650, the insured can cover 85% of reimbursement)


  Hospitalization Medical Treatment


Note:The insurance information above is based on the information released by Unichina International Insurance Brokers (Beijing) Co., Ltd.


For more detailed information on the insurance, please visit the website Should you have any questions about the insurance, please call the 24-hour customer service phone 400-810-5119 and press 1 for consultation.