In order to meet the demands of teachers and students to use WiFi conveniently on campus, the university has installed a campus wireless network system. All the teachers and students in our university can use the system to enter the university website and access related web resources as users of the university website. Visitors can use the wireless networkafter registering with cell-phone numbers.


The using method is as follows:

a) Connect to wireless signal SSPU-WiFi, open any external web page and the login page will display.


b) Teachers and students enter the account number (campus card number) and password (unified identity authentication system password), click on "Login", and then the WiFi can be used.


c) Visitors need to enter their cell phone numbers as the account number, click on "Visitors" and get the password by message.


d) Web authentication system automatically records the MAC address of the login device and binds it to the login account. The users can access the internet without having to login again when using the same device to connect to the SSPU-WiFi next time.Each account can be bound to 3 devices at most. The earliest device will be logout if more than 3 devices login to the same account.