SSPU Campus card is a kind of IC card with radio frequency technology which is issued and managed by the university. The front of the campus card is designed for simple identification including the school badge, name of the university, cardholder's name, photo and identity. Campus scenery and printed words "Student Card" are on the back of the campus card. The functions of the campus card include identification, consumption on campus, self-service transfer, manual recharge, self-service payment, transaction inquiry, book borrowing, access control, etc., which facilitate study and life for the students.

1.The Consumption Function of the Campus Card
The consumption function of the campus card can be applied in canteens, bathrooms, hospital, gym, etc. in the university at present. 
The university canteens adopt POS consumption mode. The consumer puts the campus card parallel to the card reader area on a POS machine, the POS operator types in the amount of consumption, and after the amount is deducted from the card, the card can be taken away and the transaction is over.
Consumption password. If a single consumption reaches 50 RMB, or the day consumption reaches 100 RMB, the POS will require the consumer to type in consumption password. If the password is  correct, the consumption will be confirmed completed, or the consumption will fail.
The bathroom adopts automatic fare deduction. Before entering the bathroom, the consumer needs to swipe the campus card on the bathroom water control machine.
The initial consumption password of the campus card is the 12th to 17th numbers of the cardholder's 18-digit identity card numbers. If a registered identity card has 15-digit numbers or the numbers cannot be provided, the default initial consumption password is 666666. (The password for foreign students is 666666.)
Consumption failure. If putting the campus card parallel to the card reader area on a POS machine, and hearing continuous "beep" alarm sound, it means abnormal conditions happen to the campus card such as insufficient money, card damaged or frozen, etc. If this happens, please immediately contact the Campus Card Management Center.
Consumption inquiry. The consumer can check the consumption on the touch-screen inquiry machine of campus card or login to self-service platform (

2.Recharge Campus Card
The campus card does not have overdraft function, so the cardholder should recharge the card before consuming. It can be manually recharged at any cash recharge point in the canteens on campus or recharged on self-service transfer machines.

3.The Function of Access Control
In order to ensure the campus safety, SSPU has installed access control and monitoring system in student apartments and other important places.
In the access control time, the cardholder needs to swipe the campus card on the card reader at the entrance of the buildings, and close the gate to avoid unauthorized entry, and they should also swipe the campus card when getting out of the buildings.
When using the access control, the cardholders should swipe the campus card against the signal light on the card reader, and the gate will be open after “beep” is heard. Swiping the card repeatedly is not allowed. The open time lasts about 3 seconds, so the cardholders should enter or get out of the buildings as soon as possible. The students should take the campus card when entering or leaving the apartment buildings, or else they have to get the keeper’s permission.

4.Loss Report and Reissue
In case the campus card is lost, the cardholder should report the loss as soon as possible and will undertake the economic loss before the report. The cardholder can choose one of the following methods to report the loss and get a campus card reissued:
Report the loss online. Log on the university self-service platform ( report the loss.
Self-service loss report. You can report the loss on the touch-screen inquiry machine of campus card.
Campus card reissue. You can report the loss and get a campus card reissued at Student Affairs Centre. 
Student Affairs Centre is located at the entrance of Students’ Dormitory on the south bank.
Service & Consulting Tel.: 50215021--8379