Sino-American Cooperation BC Project Joint Committee Meeting Held

Mr. David Moore, the Director of International Office of Broward College led BC delegation of 5 persons to our university from March 9 to 10. The Sino-American Cooperation BC Project Joint Committee Meeting was held, and both sides signed the international cooperation project agreement. Xie Huaqing, the Vice-President, Qiao Liqing, the Director of International Office, Xu Haiping, the Director of Academic Affairs Office, Wang Zenghao, the President of College of International Vocational Education, Zhang Jun, the Vice-President of the College, David Moore, the Director of BC International Office and Rosey Yang, the Manager of BC International Education and Business Area attended this meeting.

In the meeting, both sides informed the operation condition of BC project and decided to continue the cooperation of Phase 2 School Running after discussion. Furthermore, we also discussed such issues as American teacher assignment, EAP teaching reform, BC Shanghai teacher training plan, and student traveling in BC Summer Camp and so on. Finally, our university signed the next three-year cooperation agreement with American partner, and reached consensus on the project of establishment of China BC Overseas Center.