Notice about Application for Sino-CEEC Joint Education Program among Higher Institutions

All teaching and research units, and relevant faculty and staff:


To further enhance the educational cooperation and exchange between China and Central and Eastern Europe Countries (CEEC), the application for Sino-CEEC Joint Education Program among Higher Institutions thus begins. Relevant information are as follows:


1. Objective

The Project aims to develop educational cooperation program between higher institutions in China and CEEC under the support of China-Central Eastern European Countries Higher Education Institutions Consortium (CCHEIC). Cooperation such as academic exchanges, teacher and student cultivation, curriculum development, etc. in various fields are expected to be improved by means of mutual learning and collaboration.


2. Basic Information

2.1 Only joint education programs established between higher institutions in China and CEEC are accepted in this project. CEEC includes the Republic of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Bulgaria, the Republic of Croatia, the Czech Republic, the Republic of Estonia, Hungary, the Republic of Latvia, the Republic of Lithuania, the Republic of North Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, the Republic of Poland, the Republic of Serbia, the Slovak Republic, and the Republic of Slovenia. Higher institutions in China, as main applicants, should cooperate with at least one higher institutions in CEEC. The cooperation require the written commitment offered by the CEEC partners.


SSPU’s CEEC partners:






  the Republic of Bulgaria

  University of Ruse


  Bosnia and Herzegovina

  University of East Sarajevo


  the Republic of Poland

  Wroclaw University of Science and Technology


  the Republic of Lithuania

  Kaunas University of Technology


  the Czech Republic

  Masarykova Univerzita


  Czech Technical University in Prague


  the Republic of Serbia

  University Business Academy in Novi Sad



  Budapest University of Technology and Economics


  The University of Debrecen
























2.2 Forms of Cooperation

Cooperative forms can be, but not limited to, academic exchange (high-level forums, academic conferences, etc.), scientific researches, teacher and student mobility (short-term senior training, summer camp, winter camp, etc.), curriculum development (online courses, mooc, etc.), joint libraries, joint laboratories, etc.


2.3 Funding areas

The project mainly focus on joint researches and academic seminars in the fields of New Energy and New Materials, Network Security, Healthcare (traditional Chinese medicine), Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Manufacturing, E-Commerce, Research on CEEC, and various programs like academic exchange, teacher and student mobility, curriculum development, etc.


2.4 Amount of Funding

The amount of the funding for the implementation and expenses relevant to international cooperation of each program varies from 50 thousand to 150 thousand RMB, which will be paid in lump sum. Theoretically, only one program from each university will be granted the funding.


2.5 Program Duration

The program will last for 2 years (Oct. 2019 – Sept. 2021). The applicants will be required to submit midterm report and final report during the implementation.


3. Qualification

3.1 Chinese applicants should be a member of CCHEIC.

3.2 Both higher institutions should have a good foundation of cooperation.

3.3 The cooperation requires the written commitment offered by the CEEC partners.


4. Limitation

4.1 Each higher institution shall only apply 2 programs every year.

4.2 Published works or established projects shall not be applied as the research subjects.


5. Requirements for Application

All teaching and research units and relevant faculty and staff should send 2 copies of the application documents (in person or by delivery) to Zhang Siyuan of the International Office before August 10, 2019 (Address: Room 815, Building 1, 2360 Jinhai Road, Pudong District, Shanghai, postcode: 201209, Tel: 50211292/18217159851). The e-documents and attached files should be sent The International Office will submitted all the application documents to China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE) for approval. The results will be informed to the application units and personnel in time.


6. Notice

6.1 Applications violating relevant regulations and laws are not accepted.

6.2 Applications, financed by CEEC partners, or having a promising prospect, will have the priority over other programs.


7. Contact Information

Contact person: Zhang Siyuan Program Coordinator, International Office

Tel./Mobile Phone: 50211292/18217159851