Shanghai Polytechnic University International Youth Scholars Forum 2022

Introduction to the Forum

In order to attract and bring in more talents, and strengthen the faculty, the First International Youth Scholars Forum of Shanghai Polytechnic University (SSPU) is scheduled to take place in late March, 2022.

The forum aims to offer domestic and overseas excellent scholars holding a doctoral degree a platform for academic exchanges, display of achievements, and discussions on cutting-edge and hot academic topics. SSPU hopes to take this opportunity to “attract talents and pool wisdom”, build a bridge for scholars to make substantive contacts and cooperation with relevant SSPU disciplines and faculty, and attract excellent talents to join the university.

The forum will be held both online and offline. According to requirements of Covid-19 prevention and control, we warmly welcome scholars around the globe to participate in the forum in either way. Domestic scholars are encouraged to attend the forum offline. The forum will include a main forum and some sub-forums.


Qualifications for Applicants

A total of 60 scholars will be invited to attend the forum, including 40 domestic scholars and 20 overseas scholars.

1. Applicants should be scholars who have obtained a doctoral degree or will graduate with a doctoral degree in 2022, or postdoctoral fellows who will leave the station by the end of April 2022;

2. Scholars should have an academic background matching the relevant academic fields of SSPU; SSPU will recommend qualified overseas scholars to apply for projects funded by the National Outstanding Youth Science Fund of the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

3. The youth scholars with a doctoral degree should not exceed 35 years old, and postdoctoral fellows not exceed 40 years old;

4. Applicants shall be in good health, have good morals, and have strong abilities in scientific research and development potentials.


Academic Fields

The academic fields mainly include Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, New Energy Materials and Materials Science, and Environmental Science and Engineering, covering majors such as Materials Science and Engineering, Composites Manufacturing Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering, Control Science and Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering, Data Science and Big Data Technology, Environmental Engineering, Safety Engineering, Applied Chemistry, etc.


Sub-forum 1

Low-Carbon Energy Materials and Systems

The sub-forum “Low-Carbon Energy Materials and Systems”, organized by School of Energy and Materials, aims to build a platform of communication and interaction for domestic and overseas excellent young talents to conduct extensive discussions on cutting-edge technologies and popular research fields, help them gain a comprehensive understanding of SSPU’s School of Energy and Materials and carry out in-depth cooperation. The forum will accelerate the construction of high-level disciplines and high-level talent teams in materials science and engineering of the School.

The sub-forum focuses on new energy materials and devices that contribute to the “dual carbon” goal. The topics are but not limited to the following:

1. Materials, devices and systems for energy conversion, such as utilization of PV solar energy and solar thermal energy;

2. High-efficiency energy storage materials and devices;

3. Thermal management materials and systems of electronic components;

4. Thermo-physical property big data.

Contact: Ms. Yao,, +86 21-50217814, +86 15900696897


Sub-forum 2

Intelligent Manufacturing Innovative Technology and Application

The sub-forum “Intelligent Manufacturing Innovative Technology and Application”, organized by School of Intelligent Manufacturing and Control Engineering, aims to provide domestic and overseas young talents with a platform for academic exchanges and display of achievements. The participants will have a more comprehensive understanding of the discipline construction, scientific research, faculty, and other aspects of SSPU’s School of Intelligent Manufacturing and Control Engineering through special reports, academic seminars, talent meetings, etc. The forum will help introduce excellent young talents around the globe in Intelligent Manufacturing and relevant fields, and accelerate the construction of high-level disciplines.

The sub-forum centers around four aspects including Precision Manufacturing, Industrial Robots, Molds and Fixtures, and Information Management. It includes but is not limited to the following topics:

1. Precise geometric detection and digital manufacturing;

2. Design of key components for intelligent devices;

3. Monitoring and diagnosis of manufacturing system failure;

4. Design and development of intelligent production lines for discrete manufacturing.

Contact: Mr. Lu,, +86 15201711398


Sub-forum 3

Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science

The sub-forum “Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science”, organized by School of Computer and Information Engineering, aims to provide domestic and overseas excellent young scholars with a platform for academic exchanges and interaction. Focusing on issues such as the training of high-end talents in the intelligence era, the participants will discuss how to realize a two-way empowerment of artificial intelligence and talent training through special reports, academic seminars, talent meetings, etc. The forum will promote interaction and exchanges among young scholars around the globe, strengthen cooperation among different research fields, deepen participants’ understanding of SSPU and School of Computer and Information Engineering, and attract more excellent young scholars to work at SSPU.

The sub-forum focuses on directions such as computer science and technology, artificial intelligence, information and communication engineering, including but not limited to the following topics:

1. Computer science and intelligent information processing;

2. Data science and digital media technology;

3. Communication engineering and electronic information engineering;

4. Artificial intelligence and comprehensive health;

5. Artificial intelligence and education.

Contact: Ms. Luo,, +86 21-50217425



Environmental Governance and Low-Carbon Development

The sub-forum “Environmental Governance and Low-Carbon Development”, organized by School of Resources and Environmental Engineering, aims to build a platform of academic exchanges and display of achievements for domestic and overseas young talents. The forum helps the participants have a more comprehensive understanding of discipline construction, scientific research, faculty and other aspects of SSPU’s School of Resources and Environmental Engineering through special reports, academic seminars, talent meetings, etc. It is expected to introduce excellent young talents worldwide in environmental science and relevant fields to SSPU, and accelerate the construction of high-level disciplines.

The sub-forum focuses on three fields including Environmental Science, Environmental Engineering and Environmental Management, including but not limited to the following topics:

1. Solid waste treatment and disposal technology and equipment;

2. Environmental safety and environmental management;

3. Air pollution control, traceability mechanism and response to climate change;

4. Environmental ecosystem project and big data development.

Contact: Mr. Chen,, +86 15201916288


How to Apply

1. The applicants shall apply for the forum before March 6, 2022. Please send an academic resume (mainly including educational and scientific research experience, introduction to research results, published papers, projects undertaken, academic awards, part-time jobs, etc.) to and to the email address of the contact of corresponding sub-forum.

2. SSPU and relevant schools will review the applicants’ materials before March 11 and notify the invited applicants.

3. Please contact Human Resources Office for relevant policy matters. Contact: Mr. Wu, +86 21-50216012

Brief Introduction to SSPU

Shanghai Polytechnic University (SSPU), founded in 1960, is a municipal public university that boasts strengths in engineering and well-coordinated development of disciplines in management, economics, literature, science and arts. The university offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs. SSPU has been included in the “Excellent Engineer Project” of the Ministry of Education (MOE), key construction base of national vocational education teacher training, Shanghai University Peak and Plateau Discipline Construction Plan, Leading Program of First-class Undergraduate Programs in Shanghai. The university is a member of China Association of Universities (Colleges) of Applied Science, vice president unit of “Shanghai Vocational Education Association”, and a member of Cross-Straits Conference on Technical and Vocational Higher Education.

SSPU offers 6 professional master’s degree programs in the fields of Electronic Information, Materials and Chemical Engineering, Resources & Environment, International Business, Translation and Interpreting and Arts, with another 3 programs (Mechanical Engineering, Education, Materials Science and Technology) to be approved. The university has been included in the Construction Project of Local High-level Universities in Shanghai (cultivation institutions). In 2021, the university was selected into the pre-cultivation project for the authorization of conferring Doctor’s degree, starting the construction of Doctoral programs of Resource and Environment, Materials Science and Engineering and Education. SSPU was also selected as the post-doctoral innovation practice base in Pudong New Area.

SSPU has some provincial and ministerial bases and platforms, such as Shanghai Engineering Research Center of Advanced Thermal Functional Materials, Shanghai Collaborative Innovation Center for WEEE Recycling, Shanghai Collaborative Innovation Center for Reverse Logistics and Supply Chain, university think tank—Shanghai Vocational & Technical Teacher Education Institute, etc. Currently, there are 1,126 faculty and staff, of whom 840 are faculty members, 350 obtain a senior title and over 40% have a Doctor’s degree.


Excellent scholars are welcome to join us!