University Science and Technology Park

Shanghai Polytechnic University’s 7³ Science and Technology Park established multiple branched in different local areas and seeks joint innovation. This development model facilitates the transfer of scientific and technological achievements and technological resources from university to enterprises to realize complementary advantages and sharing of resources and jointly promotes the development of the regional economy. Through establishing a public service platform, the Park will improve the mechanism of transformation and incubation and play an important role in promoting regional economic development, innovating service system and optimizing professional services. At the meantime, by assisting technology entrepreneurs to set up science-and-technology enterprises, the Park will also meet the needs of high-quality talents in universities to innovate and startup businesses.

Jing'an Science and Technology Park  

Jing’an Science and Technology Park of Shanghai Polytechnic University will establish an industry-university collaboration based and focusing on developing a collaborative innovation platform for industry-university collaboration concerningthe philosophy of technological and cultural creativity. Representatives including School of Applied Arts and Design, College of Engineering and School of Economics and Management cooperate with Shanghai Feixun Digital Communications Co., Ltd. introduced to Jing’an Science and Technology Park to establish a collaborative innovation base for industry-university collaboration centered on four major areas including industrial design, mold manufacturing and automation, embedded technology and E-commerce.

Address: No.80, Shanxi North Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai, China

Contact number: 021-62536490

Baoshan Science and Technology Park    

Baoshan Science and Technology Park of Shanghai Polytechnic University is devoted to building a R&D oriented university science and technology park focusing on mobile Internet software talent development, incubation of university’s industry and youth entrepreneurship. The Park is a coalition of technology innovation, culture innovation and youth entrepreneurship.

Address: No 199, Tongji zhi Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai, China

Contact number: 021-51086070

Taicang Science and Technology Park   

Taicang Science and Technology Park of Shanghai Polytechnic University driven by industry-university collaboration aims to strengthen the cooperation among local government, social enterprises and scientific research institutions for sharing resources to the greatest extent to promote the University’s discipline construction, talent cultivation and the improvement of knowledge service.

Address: No.20, Jianxiong Road, Teaching and Technology New Town, Taicang City, Jiangsu Province, China

Contact number: 0521-53831527

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