10. Food Waste Disposer

This product presents a new solution for household food waste disposal. Food waste disposer, a collection of dehydration, grinding and recycling, can dry and pulverize recycled food waste and then store and turn it into natural soil for growing plants.

11. Customized Production Line Simulation Based on Industry 4.0

This production line is a customized production line simulation based on Industry 4.0 co-developed by SSPU and cooperative enterprise. It combines automation, robotics, information and communication and software engineering to build an intelligent manufacturing line based on Industry 4.0. The Line includes six intelligent modules, which are customization, integration from equipment to the business, preventive maintenance of equipment breakdown, full automatic production process, traceability of the whole life cycle of the product and online virtual technology.

12. Non-destructive Replacement System for Printed Circuit Board Integrated Chip

This device is used to realize the non-destructive disassembly and replacement of components on printed circuit boards such as integrated circuits. It is composed of an electronic image recognition system, five axis motion platform and three axes linkage control system to quickly achieve intact components removal or replacement, making the maintenance of electronic products like cellphones and computers much easier and more convenient with a lower cost. It can also realize the green disassembly of electronic waste, improving recycling value.

13. Multi-functional Laser Scanning Coater

This instrument can be used for lens coating, components (or workpiece) surface flaw detection, repair and engraving, as well as microfilming of pathological sections of human tissues.

The instrument consists of a two-dimensional (XZ) cross scanning platform with a laser and a three-dimensional (XYZ) mobile scanning platform with a target, and a five-axis control system. It functions in the following two ways. The target (on 3D platform) stays stationary while the laser (on mobile platform) doing two-dimension scanning. Or, the laser maintains static while the target doing three-dimension movement. The target and the laser can freely swap with each other for multiple purposes.

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