Shanghai Collaborative Innovation Centre for WEEE Recycling (WEEE Centre)


Shanghai Collaborative Innovation Centre for WEEE Recycling (WEEE Centre), approved by Shanghai Municipal Government in 2012, is a collaborative innovation platform constructed byShanghai Polytechnic University.


WEEE Centremainly carries out researches on policies and standards making, technology and equipment development, training of professional talents, investigation and consultation service, industry-university collaboration and other work under WEEE legislation and recycling managementto promote the development of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE/e-waste) discipline, environmental management, and industry upgrade in China.


Director assumes overall responsibility under the leadership of the Council and Committee of Experts inWEEE Centre. Now, the Centre has 17Councilmembers, 23 expert members, 18 full-time researchers, and more than 60 part-time researchers. Master ofEnvironmental Engineering (E-waste Recycling) is set up. As the sponsor unit, the Centre has established Strategic Alliance for Technological Innovation in E-waste Recycling and DisposalJoint Innovation Platform for the Recycling of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment and has also made joint efforts to build a branch center of WEEE recycling with National Engineering Research Center for Solid Waste Resource Recovery. The Centre has joined StEP (Solving the E-waste Problem Initiative) of United Nations University and is included in the first batch of national training bases for environmental protection at the same time.


WEEE Centre collaborates closely with government authorities, core industrial enterprises, universities and research institutions, mainly including Solid Waste and Chemicals Management Center, Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Shanghai Municipal Solid Waste Management Center, Electronic Waste Recycling Branch of China Resources Recycling Association, Tsinghua University (Basel Convention Regional Center for Asia and the Pacific), Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences under Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Process Engineering under Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Soil Science under Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tongji University, Donghua University, Hefei University of Technology, Gree Electric Appliances, Inc. of Zhuhai, China Electronics Engineering Design Institute, China National Electric Apparatus Research Institute Co., Ltd.,TechProtect Gmbh, Shanghai Lingang Remanufacturing Industry Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai Xin Jinqiao Environmental Protection Co., Ltd., Shanghai Central Waste Electrical and  (WEEE) Recycling Co., Ltd., Sangde Senlan Environment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., GEM, Shenzhen Taolv Environmental Protection Industry Co., Ltd., Huizhou Xiongyue Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Green Cycle Machinery Co., Ltd. Based on the specific content of exploitation and utilization of “Urban Mining”, the Centre may establish a joint organization by integrating multiple forces to tackle key problems.


WEEE Centre has always been committed to meeting the needs of the development of China’s e-waste recycling industry, and has followed the core tasks of serving the government, and carrying out the research and development on technologies and equipment. Based in Shanghai, the Centre collaborates with the government authorities, industrial associations, enterprises, universities and research institutions nationwide to promote decision consulting and carry out technology research and development, equipment development and achievement transformation in order to become China’s first-class collaborative innovation body which combines the cooperation among governments, enterprises, universities and research institutes.