Due to the structural adjustment by SSPU in June, 2014, College of Engineering is reformed by merging School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, School of Computer and Information and School of Urban Construction and Environmental Engineering. The College now has 3 Schools, which are School of Intelligent Manufacturing and Control EngineeringSchool of Computer and Information Engineering, and School of Environmental and Materials Engineering. The history of the College can be traced back to 1960s. The College began the enrollment of adult undergraduates in 1979, that of full-time higher vocational college students in 1997 and that of full-time undergraduate in 2004. There are over 5789 full-time undergraduates and 178 Masters of Engineering at present. The College of Engineering insists to carrying forward SSPU motto of“Living, Morality and Skill”.By sharing resources, giving full play to its characteristics and conducting industry-university cooperation, the College has formed a strict schooling concept of training applied international talents with rich knowledge and professional engineering skills in various ways. It is oriented by market demands and based on scientific management to ensure the quality of education and develop through schooling characteristic. The College is a driven force for the Profession-oriented Higher Education of SSPU. The employment rate of the College remains over 95% for many years.


The College of Engineering has 269 faculty and staff, including 21 professors (researchers and senior engineers), 91 associate processors and senior engineers, 52 Master supervisors and 20 part-time professors. There are 2 Shanghai Excellent Foreign Experts, 3 distinguished professors (Oriental Scholars), 2 visiting professors (Oriental Scholars), 1 Youth Oriental Scholar, 5 Shuguang Scholars, 2 Pujiang Scholars, 8 Chenguang Scholars and 5 Yangfan Scholars.

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