School of Intelligent Manufacturing and ControlEngineering


The School of Intelligent Manufacturing and Control Engineering is composed of four departments, namely Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Mechatronics, Department of Automation, and Department of Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering, as well as the Basic Engineering Teaching and Research Office and the Experiment Center. Currently, it provides 10 undergraduate programs including Mechanical Engineering, Materials Processing and Controlling Engineering, Automation, Measurement Control Technology and Instruments, Mechatronics Engineering, Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Vehicle Engineering, Information Management and Information Systems, and Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering. So far, it has established a market-oriented Intelligent Manufacturing discipline group that follows industrial development trend featuring to train engineering and technical talents meet the demands of intelligent manufacturingfields.


Currently, the School has 81 full-time teachers and 18 experiment technicians, including 10 professors, 27 associate professors, 3 senior engineers, and 66 with Doctor’s degree.It boasts first-rate modern training sites and technical equipment. Its Digital Manufacturing Engineering Center and Smart Manufacturing Laboratory Lab offers advanced manufacturing technologies such as modern CNC machining, flexible manufacturing, modern mould manufacturing, data communication, equipment status monitoring, network DNC, and manufacturing execution management. In terms of discipline construction and program development, the School keeps up with cutting-edge intelligent manufacturing technology and is capable of outstanding Engineering teaching and practical training. With some of programs been conducted for nearly half a century, the School has cultivated numerous national model workers represented by Bao Qifan and Xu Xiaoping and receiving widespread praises from all walks of life. Up to now, it has obtained supports from projects like National First-class Undergraduate Construction, First-class Undergraduate Program of Shanghai, Outstanding Engineer Program of the MOE, Pilot Program of Comprehensive Reform of the MOE, Highland Program Project of Shanghai, Applied Undergraduate Pilot Program of Shanghai, and English-taught Undergraduate Programs Project of Shanghai.

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