School of Applied Arts and Design was founded in 2007.There are 54faculty andstaff, including 43 professional teachers (4 professors and 9 associate professors) and 650 students.


There are 5 programs in the School, including Product Design, Visual Communication Design, Environment Design, Digital Media Art and Industrial Design.Especially Product Designis selected asaNational First-Class Undergraduate Program in 2020,a Shanghai First-Class Undergraudate Program under national “Double Ten ThousandPlan”,a Pilot Applied Undergraduate Programin Shanghai,and isselected into “Leading Plan forFirst-ClassUndergraduateConstruction”.And its core coursesare approved as Shanghai First-Class Undergraduate Courses under national“Double Ten ThousandPlan”.


The School aims to train high-skilled and applied design talents.In the teaching forms, emphasis is put on industry-university cooperationand application-orientation, integrating market’s demands and business projects into theteaching.


TheSchoolhas established long-term relationship withsomeenterprises, such asChina Bicycle Association,Shanghai Light Industry Association, Deli Group, Shanghai Jahwa United Co., Ltd., DESIGN.CN.It has its own professional classrooms,studios, reference rooms, computerlaboratories, etc.5 platforms for teaching and practice are set up, including Design Technology Platform (Color and Materials Laboratory, Ergonomics Laboratory, Behavioral Observation Laboratory, 3D Motion Capture Laboratory), CulturalandCreative PracticePlatform (Creative Handicraft Workshop, Model Making Workshop, Digital Molding Workshop, Ceramics Workshop, Colored Glaze Workshop, Plastic Arts Workshop), Digital Imaging Platform (Photography Workshop, Digital Imaging Workshop), Digital Technology Platform (Computer Lab, Multimedia Comprehensive Effect and Editing Studio, Integration and Rendering Center, Data Storage Center) and Exhibition Center (3D Exhibition Hall, Product Design Exhibition, Environmental Design Exhibition, Visual Communication Exhibition, Digital Media Exhibition).The platforms greatly support and guarantee the teachingand practice.


While exploring a development path ofspeciality characteristics, the Schoolalso introduces excellent design resources from the society,offering a more practical, market-based and advanced training mode.Domestic and foreign experts are invited to teach andset up workshops.


And student overseas exchangesarepromoted as well.Cooperative relationships areestablished with designcolleges in Finland, the U.K., the U.S., Italy, Germany,etc., carrying out programs like 3+1 programs, short-term exchange programs, etc.