School of Resources and Environmental Engineering (SREE)

School of Resources and Environmental Engineering (SREE) of Shanghai Polytechnic University has set up the Department of Environmental Engineering, the Department of Environmental Protection Equipment Engineering and the Department of Applied Chemistry. It has also established the Shanghai Collaborative Innovation Center for WEEE Recycling (WEE Center), focusing on the resources recycling, and implementing the principles of "strengthening environmental protection, promoting development and benefiting people's livelihood".

The School offers three undergraduate programs: Environmental Engineering, Environmental Protection Equipment Engineering and Applied Chemistry, and one postgraduate program: Resources and Environment. The discipline of Environmental Science and Engineering (Recycling Science and Engineering) has been approved for the development of Shanghai Plateau Discipline. The School takes the lead in cultivating Bachelors in Environmental Engineering (WEEE concentration) and Masters of Engineering to serve the national special needs, and has formed characteristics in lower carbon recycling technology and equipment, life cycle management of material flow and carbon footprint, and value-added reuse of wastes, etc.

As one of the six schools offering professional Master’s degree programs at the University, SREE has 34 supervisors, and about 72% of them are associate professors or above. There are backbone teachers who have presided over and participated in the national key R&D programs, National Natural Science Foundation of China projects, etc. at the university, and industry representatives and enterprise senior engineers outside the university. Under the "dual-tutor" joint training system, the School can coordinate resources, establish a learning platform, build an academic relationship network, optimize the teaching mode and improve the teaching quality. Centering on the national ecological civilization development and resource recycling strategy, the Master’s degree program Resources and Environment is based on the existing characteristic specialization in M.E.WEEE recycling and pollution prevention and control. The program focuses on the recycling theory and technology, environmental pollution prevention and control technology, and environmental protection equipment development, and carries out relevant scientific research and personnel training. Now, it has formed an advantageous platform and characteristic discipline & program group supported by WEEE Center, National Environmental Protection Training Base, Shanghai Plateau Discipline, Shanghai Key Discipline, etc.

The School aims to meet the needs of resource and environmental industries, and is oriented to government analysis and testing departments, environmental protection chemical product R&D departments as well as relevant enterprises and public institutions. Undergraduates generally have lectures in classrooms, while senior undergraduates and postgraduates mainly take participation in research groups. The cultivation of postgraduates focuses on three aspect including lower carbon recycling technology and equipment, life cycle management of material flow and carbon footprint, and value-added reuse of wastes. The "engineering led-in" training mode is implemented, the three-step learning process of professional practice, course learning and dissertation are carried out progressively, and the "online-to-offline" integration mode is adopted. The curriculum is designed to meet the talent needs of industries and enterprises. Through in-class and extra-curricular teaching, online teaching, case teaching, etc., it meets the diverse needs of students and the requirements of personalized training.

The School has a strong faculty. The faculty team has successively undertaken major projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, key projects of the national key R&D program of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Shanghai key disciplines, Shanghai plateau disciplines and other development tasks. The teachers have won several Shanghai Natural Science Awards, Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Awards and Shanghai Technological Invention Awards. The School has also made remarkable achievements in promoting the overall standardized development, improving the technical level and enhancing the international influence of the industry.

Students of the School actively participate in various discipline competitions at all levels during their school years, and have achieved good results in the "Huawei Cup" Chinese Postgraduate Contest in Modeling, "GigaDevice Cup" Competition, Shanghai Zhixing Cup and Shanghai University Students' New Material Innovation and Creativity Competition. Some graduates work in government departments like the Solid Waste Management Center of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment and Shanghai Pudong Water (Group) Co., Ltd., as well as the leading enterprises in the industry like China Recycling Development Corporation Ltd., GEM Co., Ltd. The cultivation quality is highly praised by the enterprises.