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SSPU Attends 23rd Cross-Straits Conference on Technical and Vocational Higher Education

Dec. 20, 2022 | Office for Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Affairs


On Dec. 16, the 23rd Cross-Straits Conference on Technical and Vocational Higher Education was held online. The Conference was organized by Beijing Union University. Representatives from the initiating universities and cooperative universities from the mainland and Taiwan attended the Conference online. SSPU President Xie Huaqing, Vice President Ding Li, heads of relevant departments and schools, and teacher and student representatives participated in the Conference.



The Conference consists of keynote reports, academic seminar and student competition. The attendees discussed and exchanged ideas on the work and practical experience in developing cross-Straits application-oriented higher education.


Presidents from cross-Straits universities delivered keynote speeches focusing on the theme of theConference. SSPU President Xie Huaqing gave a speech entitled Promoting Characteristic Development ofIntegration of Industry and Education in Universities of Applied Sciences through Platform Construction. He elaborated on the exploration and achievements made by SSPU in promoting characteristic development of integration of industry and education in universities of applied sciences through platform construction from the following aspects, such as the national and Shanghai requirements for the industry-education integration, the capacity enhancement through establishment of collaborative innovation centers, the innovative training mode adopted by the modern industry school, the achievements and future plans of integration of industry and education at SSPU, etc.



With full preparation and organization, about 10 papers from SSPU were finally selected into the conference proceedings. At the academic seminar, teachers from cross-Straits universities who submitted papers exchanged ideas and had discussions on various topics including the industry-university cooperation and the collaboration mechanism between science and education in application-oriented universities, the mode of teacher development and teaching evaluation, the research on discipline and program construction, the research on general education and comprehensive quality, the reform and innovation of curriculum teaching in the age of intelligence, etc.


In the Cross-Straits Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, five students from SSPU School of Resources and Environmental Engineering and School of Economics and Management won the first prize and the Most Commercial Value Award, showing the excellent innovative abilities of our students. 



Cross-Straits Conference on Technical and Vocational Higher Education was initiated by four universities cross the Straits in 1999 including Shanghai Polytechnic University, Shenzhen Polytechnic, Taipei University of Technology and Beijing Union University, and co-organized by Chienkuo Technology University, Lunghwa University of Science and Technology and Chaoyang University of Technology. The conference, held annually at one of the cross-Straits universities in turn, has been held for 23 consecutive years. It aims to strengthen communication and exchanges between the application-oriented higher education circles cross the Straits, explore ways and new ideas of cooperation, and do research on the reform and development of applied higher education under the trend of globalization. According to the rule of the conference, the 24th Cross-Straits Conference on Technical and Vocational Higher Education will be organized by Lunghwa University of Science and Technology in 2023.