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Signing Ceremony between SSPU and Institute IMDEA Energy Held Online

Jan. 13, 2023  |  International Office, School of Energy and Materials


On the afternoon of Jan. 11, the signing ceremony between SSPU and Institute IMDEA Energy (IMDEA Energy), Spain, was held online. SSPU President Xie Huaqing and Prof. David Serrano, Director General of IMDEA Energy signed the Memorandum of Understanding on behalf of the two institutions. According to the MoU, the two sides will carry out various cooperation in terms of research staff exchange, students exchange, development of joint doctoral and master thesis, collaborative research projects, etc.



Prior to the signing ceremony, the two sides made presentations of their respective institutions, and held talks and discussions. President Xie Huaqing said that it is a pleasure to officially build the cooperative relation with IMDEA Energy starting with the signing of the MoU. IMDEA Energy is an international professional research institution in the field of energy with strong scientific and research capabilities. With the good cooperative foundation, highly matched research orientations, and complementary research conditions, the two sides can focus on the fields of energy, environment and materials to have collaborations such as application for joint projects, research staff exchange, joint training of students, collaborative research, etc. It is believed that with the concerted efforts of the two sides, the cooperation will be promoted steadily and yield fruitful achievements.


Director General David Serrano briefly introduced IMDEA Energy from its history and scale, advantages and characteristics, internationalization, etc. He stated that the cooperation between the two institutions is based on the common interests. An in-depth cooperation will bring new opportunities to the development of the two sides and have a broad prospect.



Prof. Manuel Romero, Deputy Director of IMDEA Energy, and Prof. Wang Yuanyuan, Vice Dean (in charge) of SSPU School of Energy and Materials, shared their suggestions on the cooperation areas and patterns. The heads and relevant faculty of SSPU International Office, Research Administration Office and School of Energy and Materials attended the events.


Institute IMDEA Energy is a professional energy research institution created by the regional Government of ‘Comunidad de Madrid’ in Spain. IMDEA Energy has been awarded in 2020 with the accreditation as Unit of Excellence María de Maeztu by the National Agency of Research of the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation and is one of the best Spanish research centers.