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Shuttlecock Team Won Honors

    Recently twelve players of SSPU Shuttlecock team took part in the 2ndKingLabel Cup Asia Shuttlecock Tournament in Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, led by the coach Zhang Wei. With high spirit, the players of the Shuttlecock Team won medals in seven events after nearly 20 fierce matches in this five-day tournament. They got the third place in the events of women three-person, women pairs, mixed pairs, men three-person, and got the second place in women single (Shi Xu'an).They carried forward the shuttlecock etiquette and culture in the arena.


    The players of the team trained hard in the whole summer holiday to prepare for 2017 Chinese Student Shuttlecock Tournament. During the period, Secretary Song Baoru and Wu Peidong, Deputy Secretary, Vice President and Chairman of the Labor Union, came to see the players and the coach.