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Opening Ceremony 2017 of Queensland College Held

    On the morning of Sept. 29, the opening ceremony 2017 of Queensland College under College of International Vocational Education was held in the lecture hall of Building 19. President Yu Tao, Paul Wilson, President of TAFE Queensland, Australia, heads of related departments of both sides, invited guests, Chinese and foreign teachers and all the freshmen of Queensland College attended the opening ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Zhang Jun, Dean of College of International Vocational Education.

    Presidents of both sides made speeches at the opening ceremony. Paul Wilson, President of TAFE Queensland, was glad to attend the ceremony and expected the students to seize the opportunity to exchange abroad and study hard in the following three years. President Yu Tao said in his speech that the joint programs with TAFE Queensland had lasted for 17 years and both sides had witnessed the students' growth and development year by year. He encouraged the students to start their university life with "learn to behave, learn to do things, learn to understand and learn to cooperate".

    The teacher representativeCen Jian, encouraged the students with "Ideal, Action and Perseverance" and expected them to be energetic, idealistic and down-to-earth college students. The student representative, Li Simeng, encouraged the students with her own experiences to study in a planned way and improve comprehensive ability by using the facilities and good environment properly. The freshman representative, Yang Jiayi, hoped to learn to develop, think, cooperate and compete with others together and to have a wonderful university life.