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German HWK Halle Education and Examination Center Unveiled at SSPU

The unveiling ceremony of German HWK Halle Education and Examination Center & the ceremony of Issuing Certificates for the First Batch of Trainees was held at Meeting Room 201 in Academic Exchange Center on Oct. 9, 2017.Heinz Thomas Keindorf, Chairman ofHWK Halle, Yao Yujie, Director of China Center ofHTW Dresden, Hans-Georg Kern, Chairman of DCG International Institute Halle e.V., President Yu Tao and Vice President Xie Huaqing attended the ceremony. Heads of related departments, offices, colleges and schools, representatives of teachers and students of related majors and the first batch of students who took part in the training and passed the HWK examination attended the ceremony, too. The ceremony was hosted by Meng Zhaoshang, Dean of School of International Exchange and Director ofSino-German Vocational Education Center.

President Yu Tao pointed out in the speech at the ceremony that, adhering tointernationalization strategy in recent years, our university had established long-term cooperation with more than 80 universities and scientific research institutions in over 30 countries in the world with rapid developments in all aspects. The HWK Halle Education and Examination Center unveiled today is the first one ofHWK Hallein Chinese universities. It is a great significance to our university and Sino-GermanVocational Education Center (League). HWK Halle Education and Examination Center is expected to play an important role in promoting the teachers and students of our university, people from all walks of life to attend the examinations of German Vocational Education and Industry Certificates.

Mr. Keindorf expressed in his speech thatHWK Hallewas willing to share with us the ideas of German vocational education philosophy and the good tradition of combination of theory and practice. He introduced the connotation of dual system education in Germany in brief and encouraged the students of our university to study further in Germany. He expectedHWK Halleand our university to carry out long-term training on related certificates, examinations and double certificate education.

Our university has a long history of cooperation with German universities and industry enterprise associations. In order to enhance the cooperation and make the students more competitive by promoting students of our university to learn the essence of German vocational education systemically and to obtain professional certificate of German industry enterprises, our university set up Sino-German Vocational Education Center in 2015 and later it grew to be a member of Sino-German Vocational Education Center (League) and the training base ofSino-German Vocational Education Center (League) launched and established by both of the parties of China and Germany, 17 universities and enterprises in Shanghai and Zhejiang Province. This May, President Yu Tao on behalf of the member of Sino-German Vocational Education Center (League) signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement withHWK Halle, etc. Excellent professional teachers of our university would be selected to take part in a three-month training in Germany and more cooperation projects of Sino-German Vocational Education would be carried out. In September, 32 selected students took part in the welding certificate training taught and hosted by HWK experienced trainers in our university. The training contained modules of German dual system education, basic knowledge of welding, professional knowledge and practical operation of manual arc welding. Finally, all the trainees passed the theoretical examination and operation assessmentand all of themobtained 2 HWK certificates.