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2018 New Year Message by President Yu Tao

Dear students, teachers and friends,

We are turning the page on 2017 and look ahead to the year 2018. At this great moment of ringing in the New Year, I extend the festival greetings and New Year wishes, on behalf of the university, to the hardworking faculty and staff, vibrant students, our alumni who serve the society and are concerned about the alma mater, the retired who have contributed to the university, as well as all levels of governments, all sectors of society and our global partners which care about and support the development of the university.

2017 is a prosperous year for the university and our teachers and students.

We accepted the undergraduate teaching assessment, and the central position of talent cultivation was therefore strengthened. Student Gao Hanjing, guided by Professor Luo Bing of School of Applied Arts & Design, got the only gold award in Shanghai Creative Design Competition for Tourism Product Packaging. Students Xu Jianbang, Yang Tan and Peng Xiaokun, guided by Professor Yang Guanqun of College of Engineering, won the first prize of National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest. “Bright Eye Service Team” of College of International Vocational Education got Shanghai May 4th Youth Medal. The first education and examination center forHWK Halle (Germany) in Chinese universities was established at SSPU, and the first batch of 32 students obtained HWK certificates. The academic advisor system realized the full coverage for students of 2016 and 2017.

We strengthened discipline construction and made significant breakthroughs. “Materials Science and Engineering” Team became one of the Type IV Peak Discipline Construction Units of Shanghai universities and colleges. Shanghai Cooperative Center for WEEE Recycling passed the five-year Construction Acceptance with a “Good” evaluation result and became the member of StEP of United Nations University. “Environmental Science and Engineering” Team is applying for Type II Plateau Discipline of Shanghai.

We deeply promote industry-education integration and university-enterprise cooperation to improve the connotation development. We signeduniversity-enterprise cooperationagreements with Shanghai Disney Resort, Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Taizhou Municipal Government, etc. Professor Zhang Zhan, Dean of School of Applied Arts & Design, acts as Director of the Assembly of the Cultural Forum, Italy - China and Shanghai Promotion Center for City of Design. College of Arts and Sciences cooperates with 365 Platform, undertaking the tasks of translation and broadcasting of science and technology innovation news and making contributions to constructing Shanghai as an international financial center & a center for science and technology innovation with global influence.

We gradually perfect the model worker culture education system and form the university characteristics. The university held Model Worker Culture Education Meeting & Model Worker Spirits, Labor Spirits, andArtisanSpirits Symposium. National Model Worker Culture Study Alliance was established, and Model Worker Culture E-Resource Library was launched. The influence of our model worker culture education was expanded gradually.

Time records the honor in the history and makes the dream brighten the future. The year 2018 is an important year in the development of the university. We will deeply implement the spirits of the 19th National Congress of CPC. From the year 2018 on, we will construct Shanghai Polytechnic University into a university with high qualities gradually: having high-qualified faculty and staff, providing high-qualified education and cultivating high-qualified students, so as to form the university quality culture with SSPU characteristics. We will make great efforts to realize the objective of developing a high-level multi-disciplinary university of applied sciences!

We wish you all the best in the New Year! Happy New Year!

December 28,2017