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Seven Projects Approved by 2018 National Natural Science Foundation

Sept. 4, 2018  | Research Administration Office


Recently, 7 projects of SSPU got approved by 2018 National Natural Science Foundation with direct funding of 2.755 million RMB in total.


5 projects are from College of Engineering and 2 are from WEEE Center. The projects are Design of All-Solid-State Li Battery with Li-Rich Mn-based Cathode and Control of Lattice Oxygen Loss led by Liu Xiaoyu, the Mechanism of the Synergies of Adjusting the Infiltration and Using Fixed Bed Fabric Catalysts for Removal of Vocs by Adsorption-Photocatalysis by Zhang Li, Research on Improving the Modulation of Near-field Radiative Heat Transfer by Two-dimensional Materials and their Heterostructures by Zheng Zhiheng, Study on Mechanisms of Heat Transfer and Energy Conversion in Thermoelectric Generator with Nanocomposites by Wang Yuanyuan, and Experimental and Theoretical Study on Establishing Three Dimensional Elastic Phase Change Thermal Conductive Network to Reduce Interfacial Thermal Resistance by Yu Wei; Study on In-situ Reaction of Organic Matters and Indium from Waste Liquid Crystal Panels led by Wang Ruixue, and Mechanism on Mechanochemical Remediation of Combined Heavy Metal-POPs Contaminated Soils in E-waste Dismantling Area by Yuan Wenyi.