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SSPU Council Meeting 2018 Held

Sept.29, 2018  |  News Center


On the afternoon of Sept. 28, SSPU Council Meeting 2018 was held. Council members, guests of Global Partnership Week, SSPU leadership, heads of administrative offices, colleges and schools, teacher and student representatives attended the meeting. Bao Qifan, Chairman of SSPU Council, presided over the meeting. 

Song Baoru, Secretary of the Party Committee of SSPU and Chairman of SSPU University Administration Committee gave a welcome speech, in which he stated that SSPU would promote development in all aspects and hoped that all the Council members would keep pushing forward the cooperation and make a brighter future for SSPU.


President Yu Tao presented a work report of the progress of SSPU over the past year and the prospect for the next step. He pointed out that SSPU development characteristics could be summarized as follows: clarified orientation, clear cultivation criteria, unwavering direction of reform, optimized international cooperation and recognized development objective. As for connotation construction, structural optimization is in operation as planned and the quality is progressing steadily. For the next stage, SSPU will mainly carry out the work in the following aspects, including building the distinctive university quality culture and enhancing the construction of first-class distinctive undergraduate programs.


On the meeting, Xie Huaqing, Secretary General of SSPU Council Secretary Office and Vice President of SSPU, reported the main work of SSPU Council in 2017-2018 and the follow-up of suggestions proposed on Council Meeting 2017. All Council members and guests of Global Partnership Week discussed and put forward suggestions on the construction of university quality culture, program development and talent cultivation of Intelligent Manufacturing, in-depth exploration of international cooperation and exchange, and university-enterprise collaboration, etc.

The meeting reviewed and passed the amendments of Constitution of SSPU Council and the list of new council members. It is added in the amendments that the student member is added to the Council as a standing seat, and the position shall be taken by the President of SSPU Student Union. Chairman Bao Qifan awarded the certificate of SSPU Council Member to the current President of SSPU Student Union Zhang Wei.