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SSPU Postgraduates Publish High-quality Papers Concerning Electrochromism

Jan. 4, 2019 | Graduate Affairs Office


Recently, Yang Bing, postgraduate of Class 2016, and Li Feihas graduated, postgraduate of Class 2015, respectively published papers as the first author on the world-renowned journalSolar Energy Materials and Solar Cells,which is a JCR Q1 journal with the Impact Factor of 5.018 and one of the leading journals in the field of Electrochromism.The two students are the members of Prof. Wang Jinmin’s team of School of Environmental and Materials Engineering, College of Engineering.


Electrochromism, widely studied in recent years, is a technology that can adjust light and heat. It has a broad prospect in the aspects of intelligent windows, anti-glare rearview mirrors, low energy consuming display, etc. Relevant researches are conducted with the funding provided by National Natural Science Foundation, Program of Distinguished Professor (Oriental Scholars) of Universities in Shanghai, Program of Dawn Scholars, and Program of Pujiang Talents, etc.