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Representatives of Sterling Education Development Group and Arizona State University Visit SSPU

March 4, 2019 | International Office


On the afternoon of Feb. 27, Doug Becker, Founder and Chairman of Sterling Education Development Group, the U.S., and Rick Shangraw, Chief Executive Officer of Arizona State University (ASU) Enterprise Partner, and Zheng Chang, Managing Director of Shanghai Huizhen Investment Management Co., Ltd, visited SSPU. President Yu Tao and Vice President Mo Liangjin had a conversation with the representatives. Secretary Song Baoru met with the guests during their visit as well.



President Yu warmly welcomed the delegation and expressed gratitude to Mr. Becker for pushing forward the development of Sino-foreign cooperative program between the two sides. Vice President Mo and Mr. Shangraw respectively introduced each university. SSPU and ASU plan to sign the Memorandum of Understanding recently and carry out all-round and deep cooperation in joint program, teacher mobility, student exchange, joint research, etc. On the meeting, the participants of all sides reached certain consensus on relevant issues about the Sino-foreign cooperative university.


The delegation also visited School of Applied Arts and Design, Smart Manufacturing Factory Lab and Engineering Training Center. Heads of International Office, President Office, College of Engineering, School of Applied Arts and Design and Engineering Training Center attended the activities.