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Opening Ceremony of 2019 Shanghai Summer School - Chinese Culinary Culture Program Held

June 18, 2019  |  School of Inernational Exchange 


On June 18, the opening ceremony of Shanghai Summer School (3S) - Chinese Culinary Culture Program was held at SSPU Academic Exchange Center. Heads of International Office, School of International Exchange, students, teachers, management personnel, and volunteers attended the ceremony.



Chinese Culinary Culture Program was originally a cooperative program between SSPU and Ansan University in South Korea. It was successfully selected into the "Shanghai Summer School" program under Shanghai Municipal Education Commission in 2015. The program has been held for four consecutive years since 2016. This year, 23 students from the U.S., Slovak, Australia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, South Korea, Laos, Thailand, etc. were attracted to the program. They will finish a 3-week cultural and professional study. In addition to culinary courses, they will also have tea art courses, basic Chinese language courses, visit to SSPU History Exhibition Hall, Exhibition Hall of Bao Qifan Innovation Road and relative enterprises. The program will come to an end on July 7.