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SSPU Holds Sino-Czech Photography Exhibition

June 12, 2019 | School of Applied Arts and Design


From June 9 to 15, the Sino-Czech Photography Exhibition themed by “City-Human-Nature” was held at International Cooperation Center for Culture and Technology of 7³Science Park. It was co-hosted by SSPU Staff Photography Association and Design Shanghai Promotion Center. 60 photographs by 5 photographers were displayed at the exhibition. The photographers are Daniel Reynek and Cai Zhiyi from the Czech Republic, Li Tian, Lu Zhen and Gao Derong from China. Li Tian and Gao Derong are teachers from SSPU School of Applied Arts and Design.



The exhibition aims to promote the cultural exchange between China and the Czech Republic, to expand the Sino-foreign industry-university-research cooperation of SSPU programs like Design, and to elevate teachers and students’ cultural literacy.