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2019 SSPU Commencement Held

June 24, 2019  |  Student Affairs Office


On the morning of June 22, 2019 SSPU Commencement was held at the stadium. SSPU leaders, representatives of cooperative education institutions, alumni, members of the Academic Degree Evaluation Committee of SSPU, teachers, heads of relevant colleges(schools)and departments, all the graduating students and parent representatives attended the ceremony, which was presided over by Vice President Mo Liangjin.


On the ceremony, student Zhang Wei from College of Engineering presented the gift to the university on behalf of graduating students. Wu Song, Secretary of SSPU Party Committee received the gift representing SSPU.


President Yu Tao made a speech. He began with his warm congratulations to all the graduating students on the successful conclusion of their study and a new start of life. He said that as the witnesses, participants and beneficiaries of SSPU’s growth in deepening reform and expanding opening-up2019 graduates have fully displayed the university’s orientation and philosophy, and have shown the excellent professional capability, credit and characteristics. He also expressed his anticipation and wishes for the graduates.


Vice President Xu Yufang announced the decision of the Academic Degree Evaluation Committee of SSPU. SSPU famous alumnus Bao Qifan and teacher Wang Xiaocong from College of International Vocational Education gave speeches. Mr. Bao Qifan is SSPU outstanding alumnus, national model worker and the winner of the honorary title of Pioneer of Reform, and teacher Wang Xiaocong is the winner of the third prize of Shanghai Technology Progress Award and SSPU President Award. Student representatives Wu Hongcheng from College of Engineering and Chen Lin from School of Applied Arts and Design respectively delivered a speech on behalf of postgraduates and undergraduates.


President Yu Tao issued the graduation certificates to the students who have won President Award and Shanghai Excellent Graduate. Secretary Wu Song turned the tassels for the graduates.


All the colleges and schools held their own graduation ceremonies and various activities during the graduation season as well.