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Graduation Ceremony of Queensland College Held

June 24, 2019  |  College of International Vocational Education

On the evening of June 21, 2019 graduation ceremony of Queensland College and the gala for the 20th anniversary of the College was held at Student Activity Center. Janelle Chapman, Executive Director of TAFE Queensland International, SSPU President Yu Tao, Vice President Mo Liangjin, all the graduating students attended the ceremony. The ceremony was also attended by Xu Jianwen, Senior Business Development Manager of Education Trade &Investment Queensland China Office, Brian Jonathan Heim, Director of Applied Sciences and Business, Patrick Brian Dennis, Director of Faculty Tourism, Hospitality and Personal Services, Brian Zhang, TAFE Manager of Global Engagement, heads of SSPU related departments and College of International Vocational Education (CIVE), all previous deans of Queensland College, teacher representatives from both China and Australia, and parent representatives.

On the ceremony, President Yu Tao and Executive Director Janelle Chapman granted diplomas of both Chinese and Australian sides to the graduates of 5 programs. Vice President Mo Liangjin and Janelle Chapman made the speeches. Huang Huichun, Secretary of CIVE Party Committee, and Zhang Jun, Dean of CIVE issued certificates for Excellent Graduates to 21 students.

After the graduation ceremony, the gala for the 20th anniversary of Queensland College was held.