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Exchange Students Send Regards From Overseas

Feb.20, 2020  | International Office (Office for Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Affairs)


Since the spread of COVID-19, SSPU exchange students studying abroad pay close attention to the updates of the epidemic and the current situation of SSPU all the time. They sent us videos through emails and WeChat messages to express their supports to China and all SSPU members in the face of the virus.


Exchange students from College of Engineering, College of Arts and Sciences, School of Economics and Management, and School of Applied Arts and Design sent us their videos. They said, as a member of SSPU, although they are currently abroad, all of them care about their motherland and SSPU, standing together with SSPU, with Wuhan, and with China. 


Some students who have graduated from SSPU and are now pursuing further study or settling in Australia, Germany, Korea and other countries, also sent their warm wishes to the university once they learned the news of the contagion. They expressed that they will do their best to fight against the virus together with SSPU and China. 


Because of the negative influence of the epidemic, many student exchange programs are forced to be cancelled or postponed. Nevertheless, SSPU International Office (Office for Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Affairs) keeps close contact with our global partners and our students abroad to inform them of all relevant arrangements in time to ensure the students’ health and safety abroad. 


The warm and optimistic words from the students encourage all SSPU staff and students to stand hand in hand in this battle against the COVID-19 and finally win this battle successfully.