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SSPU Erasmus+ KA2 Program Gets Approved

Dec. 23, 2019  | International Office


Erasmus + KA2: Capacity Building in the Field of Higher Education Program “Fraction: Developing Future-oriented Academic Curricula in Teacher Education with Innovative Methodologies for Mex-Gen Asian HEIs” got approved. The program was jointly applied by SSPU and 13 universities in 7 countries including Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, India, Vietnam, etc. with a total funding of 999,442 euros. SSPU accounts for 63,977 euros. The program will last for 3 years. Wroclaw University of Science and Technology acts as the coordinator of this program and Director Qiao Liqing as the coordinator of SSPU. 


Since 2015, 7 Erasmus+ programs SSPU joined in successfully got approved in which 4 programs are Erasmus+ KA1: Mobility of Individuals programs, 2 Erasmus+ KA2Capacity Building in the Field of Higher Education programs, and 1 Horizon 2020 program.