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Delegation Headed by Founder of Europe-China Forum Visit SSPU

June 12, 2020 | International Office


On the afternoon of June 9th, David Gosset, Founder of Europe-China Forum and expert in global affairs and international relations, Lin Keyao, Project Director, and Long Haiyan, Project Manager, visited SSPU. SSPU Vice President Mo Liangjin met with the delegation. Representatives of International Office attended the meeting.



Vice President Mo welcomed Mr. David Gosset and his delegation. He briefed SSPU’s cooperation with higher institutions in European countries, especially in France, and hoped for further concrete cooperation between the two sides. He believed that both Sino-French and China-Europe educational cooperation have a broad prospect. Mr. Gosset spoke highly of the successful prevention and control of COVID-19 in Shanghai. He put forward his ideas and suggestions on the cooperation which could be developed with SSPU and expressed his confidence in the collaboration.


The two sides discussed on the cooperation programs, including online Master’s degree program in Design, intern program in Public Relations, joint education, teacher and student activities, etc. and reached certain consensus.