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2021 Commencement Held

June 28, 2021 | Student Affairs Office, News Center


On the morning of June 26, 2021 commencement was held at SSPU Stadium. SSPU leaders, heads of relevant departments and colleges (schools), teacher representatives, representatives of postgraduate advisors from enterprises, and graduates representatives attended the ceremony. Over 3,000 students graduated this year. Vice President Mo Liangjin presided over the commencement.



SSPU President Xie Huaqing extended warm congratulations to all graduates of 2021 for finishing their study and preparing to start a new life. President Xie presented hopes to the graduates. Firstly, the students are expected to have a higher aspiration, integrating their personal development into the development of the country. Secondly, they should be responsible and hardworking, displaying the spirits of model workers and craftsmanship in all aspects of their work. Thirdly, the students are hoped tokeep improvingandaggressive,realizing that challenges are opportunities. While facing difficulties, they are brave enough to overcome them.



Vice President Xu Yufang announced the decision of the Academic Degree Evaluation Committee of SSPU and Vice President Ding Li declared the decision on excellent graduates of 2021. SSPU leaders issued diplomas and degree certificates to the graduates.





Tang Jianping, National Model Worker and alumnus of 2010 Electromechanical Integration Technology, and Li Dan, postgraduate of 2019 Environmental Engineering respectively delivered a speech as alumni representatives.




Professor Bai Yuewei from School of Intelligent Manufacturing and Control Engineering of College of Engineering gave a speech on behalf of all teachers.



And Ding Di, graduate of English major from College of Arts and Sciences, who was awarded the honorary title of Shanghai Excellent Graduate, gave a speech as the graduate representative.