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SSPU’s Project ‘Shanghai Collaborative Innovation Center of Reverse Logistics and Supply Chain (Cultivation)’ Gets Approved

August 19, 2021 | Research Administration Office


Recently, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission (SMEC) started the new round of application and selection work for Shanghai Collaborative Innovation Centers. The project ‘Shanghai Collaborative Innovation Center of Reverse Logistics and Supply Chain (Cultivation)’ that was applied by SSPU School of Economics and Management got approved. The construction period will be 5 years.


Shanghai Collaborative Innovation Center is a project set up by SMEC to carry out the innovation capacity building program in universities in Shanghai. It aims to train a group of high-level leading talents and build innovation teams that follow the frontier trend in science and meet the technology demands in enterprises. And it is expected, under the guidance of the government, a collaborative community of industries, universities and research institutes will be formed with the universities as the main body, gathering resources from various channels. It is to tackle the major practical issues in the economic and social development in Shanghai and nationwide and to address the common key technology problems occurring during the development of industries. The universities will thus play an important partinsupporting national and regional major demands and the innovative development in key industries in Shanghai.


The successful approval of SSPU’s ‘Shanghai Collaborative Innovation Center of Reverse Logistics and Supply Chain (Cultivation)’ is an opportunity for SSPU to better focus on national and regional strategic demands and technology needs in the industries in the fields of new energy vehicle power battery and e-commerce reverse logistics, improve its capability of knowledge innovation and service, undertake national, regional and industrial major tasks and solve common key technology problems together with other parties.