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Two Master’s Degree Programs of SSPU Approved

July 16, 2022 | Graduate Affairs Office


On July 12, the Office of the State Council Academic Degrees Committee released the Notice of 2021 Dynamic Adjustment of Cancellation and Approval of Degree Programs. Two master’s degree programs of SSPU—Professional Master of Education and Academic Master of Mechanical Engineering (first class discipline) were approved. As of now, SSPU has 7 professional master’s degree programs and 1 academic master’s degree program (first class discipline). The optimization of discipline and program structure greatly supports the university’s training of high level compound applied talents.


The approval of the two programs further improves the master’s degree structure of the university and makes the master’s degree construction develop in a more distinctive, profounder and broader way. The successful approval of the Professional Master of Education shows high recognition for the training mode of Education + Skills for vocational education teachers at SSPU. And the approval of Master of Mechanical Engineering is a breakthrough made in the construction of academic master’s degree program. Next, SSPU will focus on improving the quality of talent training and continuously strengthen the construction of master’s degree programs, to give new impetus to build the university into a high-level university of applied sciences.