SSPU Students Win Award in “Youth Creation” Shanghai University Student Music Contest

In the Music Contest of 2nd“Youth Creation”Shanghai University Student Culture Creative Works Exhibition, two participating works of our university won good awards, one was the“Chuan Shao Xiang”created by Zhou Zongren (the student of College of Arts and Sciences), which won second prize, and another was the“Xiao Ye Qu”created by Dai Yicheng (the student of School of Economics and Management), which won the third prize. And these works were directed by Fu Yixuan, the teacher from Art Education Center.

This contest was organized by Shanghai Board of Education and undertook by Shanghai Conservatory Of Music. There were 91 works from 17 universities in Shanghai participating in, and they were selected on the proportion of 10% of first prize, 20% of second prize and 30% of third prize.

The music culture creativity in this contest reflected the rich humanistic feelings and innovative thoughts of current students. The types of participating works were diverse and colorful, including such creative modes as vocal music, instrumental music, jazz music, rock and roll, electronic music, and multimedia music theater. Our Art Education Center was the first time to join such contest, but it got good achievements, which means we obtain a good result at aspect of art education. This center is going to actively explore the training of art talent, and build a broader platform for the practice of art education.