SSPU Postgraduates Win Special Prize in Siemens Cup China Intelligent Manufacturing Challenge

Sept. 4, 2018  |  Graduate Affairs Office


From Aug. 25 to Aug. 29, the national Finale of 2018 Siemens Cup China Intelligent Manufacturing Challenge was held at Beijing University of Chemical Technology. SSPU delegation composed of postgraduates Liu Changchun and Wu Yang guided by teacher He Cheng from College of Engineering won the special prize in topic group in the national Finale. Dong Yiling, Zhao Wendao and Dai Chaoxian supervised by teacher Hu Zhihua won the second prize in sport system development group. Teacher He Cheng was awarded Excellent Supervisor. 


The Challenge has attracted over 3,000 teams from universities in the country, in which 313 teams from 141 universities including Tongji University, Harbin Institute of Technology, etc. entered the national Finale. In accordance with the topic requirements, SSPU undergraduate delegation designed an automatic labelling assembly for bicycle stands which can be put into production for the enterprise giving the topic. The Assembly will facilitate the industrial upgrading and the development of the enterprise’s smart factory, making production more effective. This is the first time for SSPU undergraduates to take part in the competition, through which the students’ practical engineering ability was highly recognized and praised by the judges, and the remarkable effects of SSPU’s training mode for Masters of Engineering was displayed. As for undergraduates, they designed a material winding system applicable in industries like paper making and printing which will optimize the production procedure.